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Chapter 856: Are You Dead

In Yang City, Gu Yimo was in the research institute, organizing his research results.

Generally speaking, he was quite satisfied, and he should be able to answer to Ye Shengge… Although Ji Shiting had disappeared these past few years, his research funding had never stopped.

Ye Shengge was even more generous than Ji Shiting.

At least, she would just provide the money without asking for anything more.

She was unlike Ji Shiting who would pressurize him and make him feel uncomfortable every day.

However, he still felt solemn thinking about Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting wasnt just an investor to him, but also a friend and partner.

Many of his research had been completed under Ji Shitings instructions.

To Gu Yimo, Ji Shiting had never been a law-abiding person.

Sometimes, even he found the ideas that the man proposed unbelievable.

Speaking of which, he had met a friend online who was very much like Ji Shiting.

Her phone rang as she thought about it.

He picked up his phone and saw that it was an unknown number.

He picked it up without hesitation.

“Who is it”

“Its me.”

Gu Yimo jumped out of her chair.

“Damn it, you zombie!”

Ji Shiting was certain that he knew Gu Yimo, and they were on good terms.

Since Ye Shengge had been sponsoring him, he should be trustworthy.

Great, things were much easier now.

The man smirked and said, “Im Liang Shi.”

This was the name on the ID card he was using, and it was the name he had given Gu Yimo when they were talking online.

Gu Yimo was confused.

“Wait, arent you Old Ji Your voice sounds so similar…”

“Help me check which organizations have been conducting illegal human trials in the past few years, even if its just rumors,” Ji Shiting said.

“Besides, a woman named Jing Tong will be returning to China soon.

Please keep an eye on her.”

“What Illegal human trial Why are you investigating this” Gu Yimo was even more confused.

He felt that his brain wasnt working well.

“Besides, you sound like Old Ji… Oh, you dont know who Old Ji is.

Let me tell you…”

“Did you remember” Ji Shiting interrupted him.

“The first request is fine.

Ill be able to find out immediately.

After all, many of the research Ive done is illegal…” Gu Yimo mumbled.

“But what does the second one mean How am I supposed to pay attention to her”

“Find a way to get to know her after she returns to China.” Ji Shiting paused.

“Ill give you instructions.

Its not convenient for me to talk to her directly.”

“Damn it, are you really not Old Ji” Gu Yimo stomped her feet.

“Your commanding tone… Damn it, youre Old Ji!”

He had been thinking that it was rare for him to know a netizen who could talk to him in all aspects and was very similar to Old Ji.

However, not only did that person have the same thoughts as Old Ji, but his voice and tone were also the same.

Who else could it be but Old Ji

“I dont care whos Old Ji.

Remember my name now.” Ji Shiting was a bit impatient.

“Ill wait for your news.”

He then hung up the phone.

Gu Yimo was dazed for a long time, and he instinctively wanted to call Ye Shengge.

Old Ji wasnt dead!

However, he hesitated again when he recalled the mans hint… It sounded like Ji Shiting didnt want anyone to know that he was back.

Gu Yimo scratched his head and decided to work first.

‘What illegal human trials… What had Old Ji been through these years

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