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Chapter 814: Ill Negotiate With Her Personally

Old Yuans face twitched, and Ji Ziliang subconsciously looked away.

What the other party was interested in The other party was most interested in the man opposite him.

Old Yuan couldnt help lowering his head.

Yuan Junkun was still young.

When he first met Ji Shiting, he only knew that he was Uncle Liangs son, so he wasnt as uncomfortable as Old Yuan and Ji Ziliang.

He asked, “T.S.

Corporation is such a big company.

Even if we need something, its not something we can provide, right”

“Earth and channels,” Ji Shiting said.

“Think about the rest yourself.”

Yuan Junkun was dumbfounded.

Old Ke couldnt help saying, “Must we buy from T.S.

Corporation There are many e-commerce companies.”

After being in the company for so long, he finally knew what e-commerce was.

“Youve seen the companys current website.

The user experience is terrible, and theres no competitiveness at all.


Corporation already has a rich experience in e-commerce.

Even the eliminated system and algorithm are worth fighting for,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Actually, T.S.

Corporation is the industrys leader, and its most likely to be the only company thats willing to sell the algorithm to us.

Theres no hope for other companies.”

Old Ke was confused.

Actually, he didnt understand much, but he didnt dare ask or argue back.

“Okay, lets go back and study it.” Old Yuan glared at his son.

“Why didnt you study hard back then If you were in college, why didnt you know about this”

Yuan Junkun pouted.

“Forget it.

Theres no time for you to study it.” Ji Shiting looked down and rolled up his sleeves.

“Leave this to me.”

“What do you plan to do, Brother Shiting” Yuan Junkuns eyes lit up.

“Theres a business summit in Summer City in two days.

Someone from T.S.

Corporation should be here.

Ill talk to her directly.”

“No!” Old Yuan and Ji Ziliang said at the same time.

Ji Shiting looked up and said, “Oh”

“Um, I just feel that the company shouldnt always trouble you.” Old Yuan forced a smile.

“After all, this isnt your job.”

“Its time for Ah Kun and the others to train,” Ji Ziliang added.

“Youve done everything for them.

How are they going to improve”

Ji Shiting looked at them and smiled, “Okay.”

However, Yuan Junkun was very upset.

He didnt understand why his father and Uncle Liang didnt like Brother Shiting interfering in the companys matters, but they listened to him.

Dont you find it contradictory

He nodded and said, “Can I ask you a question, Brother Shiting”

Ji Shiting nodded.

Yuan Junkun was instantly thrilled.

Old Yuan stood up and said goodbye to Ji Shiting.

He then asked his subordinates to leave and dragged Yuan Junkun away.

Ji Ziliang went to the kitchen to prepare a fruit platter.

Over the past few years, he had found the fun of being a father and was passionate about taking care of Ji Shitings daily life.

Ji Shiting was used to having someone help him with trivial matters, so he didnt reject it.

Ji Ziliang saw Ji Shiting smoking when he walked out.

His dark eyes were hidden in the smoke, and no emotions could be seen.

However, Ji Ziliangs heart sank.

He had a feeling that Ji Shiting had guessed a lot.

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