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Chapter 805: Bow Down to You

Even if Shang Tianyi knew the reason, he couldnt help feeling sad.

After all, he knew that the entertainment industry was the most suitable stage for her.

Fortunately, after Ye Shengge became the executive president of T.S.

Corporation, he didnt have to worry about Shi Sheng Studios resources anymore, which comforted him.

While everyone was looking forward to Ye Shengge producing more outstanding works, Ye Shengge was learning how to be a qualified CEO.

Soon, it was time for her to take over the position with the board of directors.

Ye Shengge had taken over all the work from Grandpa Ji, and with the help of Sun Ye and a few vice presidents, she gradually gained a foothold and gained the approval of the chairman.

Of course, she wasnt as capable as Ji Shiting, but compared to Ji Shiting, her greatest strength was being humble.

She was willing to listen to whatever opinions were given, but she had her own decisions and would not just cater to them.

With Ye Shengges efforts, Ji Shitings strategy was executed well, and the companys development improved.

Ye Shengge was waiting for Ji Shiting to return.

However, she hadnt expected to wait for three years.

Many things could happen in three years.

For example, many high-ranking officials in the capital had been suspended or even arrested, and even the president had almost been impeached.

With Jiang Yu as the representative of the Democratic Party, the presidents power was further reduced, and the regimes restraint and mutual supervision deepened.

The people were happy to see such a change.

For example, Li Yinian had become a new Diva after three years of hard work, and her popularity was comparable to an A-list star.

She had gained countless fans, but her love life was always confusing, which made the fans anxious.

Shi Sheng Studio had also become a famous agency, and all the artists under it had performed well.

However, their competitor, Star Brilliance, had a change of owner due to poor management.

For example, Ye Shengge, who had been very popular and had a bright future ahead of her, hadnt released a new project in three years, and she had turned down all activities and interviews and left the entertainment industry.

And just as Ye Shengge stopped filming, the CEO of T.S.

Corporation became her name, but most people thought it was just a name.

At the airport.

Ye Shengge was wearing a black coat and sunglasses as she walked out of the VIP passage with her assistant.

The passersby couldnt help feeling amazed by her aura, but they could only see the corner of her shirt from afar, and her face couldnt be seen clearly.

Ye Shengge walked very fast, and Sun Ye could keep up, but Lin Ran had to run.

Sun Ye shot her a disdainful glance, and Lin Ran glared at him.

Fortunately, they arrived at their destination shortly after, and Feng Jing had stopped the car with several bodyguards.

Ye Shengge was about to get into the car when she heard a teasing voice.

“Sis-in-law, you just came back from a business trip”

Ye Shengge stopped in her tracks and looked back at the person.

She lifted her chin and said coldly.

“Xiao Ruilang, its you again.”

“Sister-in-law, did you just come back from Zurich I heard youve negotiated another important cooperation.” Xiao Ruilang sighed and looked at her.

“Youre getting better and better.

I want to bow down to you.”

The mans infatuated expression made Ye Shengge shiver.

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