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Ye Shengge took a look at her phone, and her saw more than one hundred unanswered calls from Mu Yanhuai.

And many journalist friends, agents and the seniors from her company had also called her.

It seemed that the sex tape yesterday had become viral.

Just as she was able to click into weibo, she got another phone call from Mu Yanhuai.

“Ye Shengge!” Mu Yanhuai was yelling.

“Where are you Did you know what happened last night”

Ye Shengge as a bit surprised as she could tell that Mu Yanhuai was not suspicious of her at all.

“I felt a bit uncomfortable last night after getting into the ceremony hall, so I went back to my apartment and fell asleep.

I dont know anything cause my phone ran out of battery.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“I was really surprised when I turned on my phone just now.

What happened”

Mu Yanhuai relieved, “Shengge, dont believe anything you see or hear.

Someone framed me and Xiaoya.”


“What” Ye Shengge yelled.

She was kind of impressed by her own acting skills.


“Just come to the company as soon as possible.

Were holding a press conference in an hour, and we need you here,” said Mu Yanhuai.

“The sooner the better!”

“Okay, Ill be there ASAP.” Ye Shengge hung up the phone first for the first time.

After that another person called her.

It was another agent from her company, Shang Tianyi.

She then picked up the phone.

“Thank God, Shengge! You finally answered your phone!” Shang Tianyi quickly briefed her on what happened last night.

“Mu Yanhuai made an announcement in the name of the company that it wasnt him and Mu Xiaoya on the sex tape, but two people who look like them.

He reckoned that statement wasnt enough to convince the public, so she decided to ask you to clarify everything for him and Mu Xiaoya.

Dont go, Shengge! He was lying to you!”


Ye Shengge was a bit surprised.

“Why do you say that, Tianyi”

“I always thought there was something going on between him and Mu Xiaoya, and that sex tape just confirmed my assumption!” Shang Tianyi said.

“I know youll be heartbroken, but please trust me, he…”

“I trust you.” Ye Shengge interrupted him.

“Rest assured, Tianyi, I know everything.”

What Shang Tianyi said warmed her heart as she realized there was someone in the company that actually cared about her.

Shang Tianyi took a deep breath, “Then what happened last night… I know what you meant! I couldnt look forward to the press conference more, haha.”

Ye Shengge put away her phone with a smile.

She walked to the mirror, looked at the birthmark on her cheek, and came up with an idea.

Ten minutes before the press conference started, in Star Brilliance Company.

“Where is Shengge” Mu Yanhuai tried to call Ye Shengge several times, and she never answered, which made him throw his phone onto the sofa in anger.

Mu Xiaoya, who was sitting to one side, had tears all over her pale face.

“Why does Ye Shengge have to be here” Mu Xiaoya clenched her fist.

“Perhaps it was her who released the video last night.”


“Impossible,” said Mu Yanhuai firmly.

“Even if she knew, she wouldnt have done something like that.”


“I dont want her to clarify anything anyway.”

“Shes my fiancée! Her attitude is vital to us!” Mu Yanhuai said.

“Because shes your fiancée!” Mu Xiaoya started to cry again.

She was deeply in love with Mu Yanhuai, but because of Ye Shengge, they had to keep it secret!

Even now, when people were suspecting that they were incestuous, Mu Yanhuai forbade her from telling everything the truth.


“Dont act like a child, Xiaoya,” Mu Yanhuai said to her.

“Do you still want to keep your place in the entertainment world”

Mu Xiaoya responded, “Even so, I dont want her here!”

“But this is the only way!” Mu Yanhuai wasnt too sure whether this was going to work or not.

There was a chance that Ye Shengge wouldnt trust her completely like before shed watched that video.

“Boss, Ms.

Mu, its time.” The assistant walked in.

“The press is waiting outside.”

“Lets go, Xiaoya.”

“But Ye Shengge isnt here yet.” Mu Xiaoya pouted.

Although she refused to admit it, Mu Xiaoya knew deep down that she didnt have the guts to get out there herself.

“The journalists are going to make stuff up if were late!” Mu Yanhuai said impatiently.

“And besides, this is live!”

Only a live press conference could be spread as fast as possible to put down this scandal.

Mu Xiaoya was rendered speechless.

After a while, she said, “Okay.”

The assistant helped them open the door, and suddenly, all the cameras were on them, and they couldnt see anything because of the flashlight.

“Wheres Ms.Ye, your fiancée”

“Didnt you say shell come to get the facts straight Where is she Is she also suspicious of the relationship between you and Ms.


“How do you feel about being the mistress of your own brother”

All the hostile questions came flooding in.

Mu Xiaoyas face paled as she couldnt balance herself.

She was almost about to yell that Ye Shengge was the real mistress.

Mu Yanhuai also looked very irritated.

He raised his hand to tell everyone to keep quiet, “Shengge is still on her way, and shell arrive very soon.

Please be a bit more patient, everyone.”

“I reckon Ms.Ye will never show up.”

“Thats right.

Who could put up with something like this How dare they claim that the video is fake Only their groupies would believe something like that!”

More and more people were questioning them.

This scandal was already the hottest news in the country, and the journalists were dying to get more inside information.

Mu Yanhuai pouted as he wasnt confident like hed been before.

Did Ye Shengge really get suspicious and decide to be absent from the press conference

If she didnt show up for the conference, she would basically prove everyones point, and he and Mu Xiaoya would never get out of it.

Time passed, and the journalists only got more manic upon seeing Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya become more unsettled.

It was a worthy trip! Such a worthy trip!

The audience which was watching the live conference had also affirmed their assumptions.

As for the fans of Mu Xiaoya, they couldnt help crying aloud.

All of a sudden, a slender person walked toward the press conference.

“Shengge!” Mu Yanhuai spotted her first, and then he almost yelled.

The journalists who heard the voice all stopped talking.

They all looked to where Mu Yanhuai was staring, and they saw a beautiful yet slender person walking into their horizon.

And at the next moment, everyone was thrilled.


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