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Chapter 796: Due Soon

Ye Shengge was heartbroken when she thought of that.

At this moment, the babies in her belly seemed to be affected by her emotions and moved.

Ye Shengge couldnt help frowning as she felt the pain.

Fortunately, the pain only lasted for ten seconds, but Ye Shengge didnt dare feel sad anymore.

She flipped through the information she hadnt finished reading the day before.

During this time, she started to read the information and documents sent by Sun Ye as soon as she had time, so that she could familiarize herself with T.S.

Corporations business as soon as possible.

Every time she got engrossed in those complex reports and data, she recalled that these were all part of Ji Shitings job previously.

She would thus feel like she was still with him, which made her feel relieved.

However, she felt pain in her stomach again after watching for less than half an hour.

Ye Shengge took deep breaths.

After the pain passed, she finally realized something.

She picked up her phone and made a call.

“Sister Xiu, Im in the study… I might be going into labor soon.”

Li City.

It was dawn, and the tall man wasnt sleeping well on the low and narrow bed in the room.

Ji Shiting suddenly opened his eyes.

A strong intuition suddenly seized his rationality.

The man jumped up and opened the door, but before he walked to the door beside him, it was pushed open.

“Where are you going, Mr.


“Im returning to Yang City,” Ji Shiting said, sounding more urgent than ever.

“Ive basically done what I promised you.”


Theres still a lot of money that hasnt been recovered yet.

Besides, it hasnt reached our agreed time yet,” Old Yuan refused without hesitation.

“No matter what, I have to go back today,” Ji Shiting said, his dark eyes looking determined and terrifying.

“Im staying here because I dont want to implicate you guys.

Do you really think I cant escape”

Everyone knew that he was missing, and many people believed that he was dead.

Under such circumstances, they wouldnt pay attention to him anymore.

That way, the Ji family would be safer.

On the other hand, he didnt want to implicate Ji Ziliang.

Although Ji Ziliang had been selfish and irresponsible, he couldnt ignore his circumstances since he was his son.

This was the real reason why he hadnt moved.

Old Yuan thought for a bit and said, “You said you have to go back today.

Seems like you have something to do.

Ill go with you.

You have to come back with me after this.”

“Why dont you ask Old Liang to follow me” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Heh heh, Mr.

Ji, do you think I cant tell the relationship between the two of you Youve always wanted to take him away, right” Old Yuan smiled.

“But Old Liang wont go with you.

I saved his life twice, so Old Liang wont go anywhere without my permission.

Ive never doubted his loyalty to me.”

Ji Shiting clenched his fists, but he wasnt surprised.

Yuan Jinfeng hadnt given him a chance to talk to Ji Ziliang alone recently.

He was smart enough to tell what was going on.

Old Yuan chuckled and said, “Old Liang is also a member of the Qingfeng Gang.

If you dont cooperate, youll harm the Qingfeng Gang and him.”

Ji Shiting said with a sullen gaze, “Lets go then.”

Ye Shengge had been sent to Jingan Hospital when Ji Shiting and Old Yuan were confronting each other.

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