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Chapter 751: Used to Ignoring Her Presence

However, her intention to watch was destroyed.

Just as she was about to rush into the police car, Jiang Yu closed the door.

She could only watch the police car drive away.

Jing Tong bit her lips and felt bitter.

She stomped her feet and returned to Jiang Yus office.

The mans desk was just like his person.

It was tidy and organized as the case files were all arranged neatly in a row.

Jing Tong picked up a file at random and flipped through it, but she couldnt take it anymore after a brief moment.

She couldnt understand Jiang Yu at all.

That man was like a machine without emotions.

He had to do everything to the extreme.

Even if he was sent to the grassroots level now, he wouldnt have any objections.

It was impossible for another second-generation heir to do so.

However, she had to admit that this was also the most attractive attribute of Jiang Yu.

She sighed and lay on the desk until night fell.

She heard familiar footsteps behind her.

She jumped up from the chair and looked at him.

“Did you find anything”

Jiang Yu looked at her and his frown deepened.

Jing Tong had probably been lying on the desk for a long time as there were some marks on her face, which made her look ridiculous.

He was a stern person, but this girl was wild and bubbly, challenging his tolerance all the time.

“Youre right.

There was indeed someone else in the makeup room that morning.

We found a strand of hair in the wardrobe,” Jiang Yu said.

“Wonderful! Wont you be able to nab the murderer after conducting DNA profiling”

“The problem is that theres no DNA information on this person in the database,” Jiang Yu said.

“Which means we only know that theres another suspect, but we dont know who he is.”

Jing Tong blinked and said, “Thats a good thing too.

It means Ye Shengge is innocent!”

“Not necessarily, unless we catch the suspect and he confesses.”

“This persons DNA isnt in the database.

I think hes the murderer.

Such a person is usually trained by a family or someone to do some dirty work.

You must be familiar with such a person.” Jing Tong looked at him disdainfully.

Jiang Yu looked at her and walked to the back of the desk, “I still have work to do.

Dont forget you promised not to pester me anymore.”

“Im not pestering you.

Is it against the law for me to stay here” Jing Tong sat down.

Jiang Yu started to work and ignored her.

He was used to ignoring that woman all these years.

Jing Tong stared at the focused mans side profile and fell into a daze.

She suddenly felt that her behavior was pointless.

Hadnt she said she would give up What was happening now

She bit her lips, stood up and left quietly all of a sudden.

Jiang Yu was very devoted to his work, and he didnt notice Jing Tongs absence until he sorted out his progress log and sent it to his boss.

‘That woman seems to always go around alone in Yang City.

He didnt dwell on that thought that randomly surfaced in his mind.

At this moment, his phone rang.

He took a look at his phone and was a bit surprised.

“Uncle Jing” Jiang Yu picked up the phone.

Three minutes later, he ended the call.

He had known Jing Tong since he was young, so he was no stranger to Jing Tongs father.

However, Jing Zhiyuans phone call was strange.

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