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Chapter 749: Stole Her Husband From A Pregnant Woman

Jing Tongs phone rang again when she was feeling vexed.

She grabbed her phone and realized it was her father that was calling.

She didnt want to pick it up, but she didnt dare to ignore it.

She hesitated for a bit and answered the call.


“When do you plan to go home, Tongtong” Jing Zhiyuan had always been strict with his daughter, but his tone was gentle today.

“In a few more days… I dont have any classes lately.”

“Didnt you say you want to think of an idea to make Ji Shiting to marry you” Jing Zhiyuan smiled.

“How is it now”

“Youre making fun of me, Dad!” Jing Tong was furious.

“How dare you say that Your opinion is unreliable.

You recommended Ji Shiting to me, but hes already fallen in love.”

“If you really like him, I will break them up.”

“Dont!” Jing Tong blushed.

“Youre making it sound like no one wants me.

I dont believe I cant find someone who genuinely adores me!”

“Youve been looking for someone for so many years…”

“Dad!” Jing Tong was about to cry.

“Im telling the truth.

Ji Shiting is good enough for my daughter in all aspects,” Jing Zhiyuan smiled and said.

“Since Jiang Yu doesnt know how to appreciate you, dont think about him anymore.”

“I know.” Jing Tong rolled around.

“Anyway, dont interfere with my business.”

Jing Zhiyuan paused for a bit and said, “Okay, I will respect your opinion.

Go home early.”


Bye, Dad.”

Jing Tong felt worse after hanging up the phone.

She didnt think much of Ji Shiting in the first place anyway, but Jiang Yu… Her father was right.

He just didnt know how to appreciate her!

She then got up, changed her clothes and left.

She drove her favorite sports car to the police station where Jiang Yu was.

Jiang Yu was flipping through the case file at this time.

He had been sent to Yang City mainly for Xie Siqis case, but there was no progress in the case at the moment, so Officer Liu decided to show him all the cases that hadnt been solved in recent years, hoping that he could make a breakthrough.

Jiang Yu was enjoying it.

Thus, he was very upset when Jing Tong dashed into his office in a flurry.

He stared coldly at the girl who was blushing from excitement.

“Im not here to bother you.” Jing Tong swore.

“I just want to ask about the progress of the case.

Have you caught the real culprit”

“What right do you have to ask” Jiang Yu said coldly.

“Your progress in solving the case concerns my happiness for the rest of my life!” Jing Tong lied.

“Ji Shiting said that hell marry me as long as Ye Shengge is cleared of suspicion.”

Jiang Yus eyes widened.

“Dont you know Ye Shengge is pregnant”

“Thats right, but theyre divorced,” Jing Tong said happily.

“Her pregnancy doesnt stop Ji Shiting from marrying me.”

Jiang Yu closed the case file.

Jing Tongs heart pounded.

That man was angry!

He was either angry that she had fallen in love with someone else, or angry that she was going to willfully marry a man who didnt care about her.

Either way, it meant that he still cared about her!

She couldnt help but grin widely.

“When are you going to be more sensible, Jing Tong” Jiang Yus voice was cold, and his eyes were filled with disappointment.

“How dare you snatch the husband of a pregnant woman”

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