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Chapter 738: People Without A Bottom Line Will Never Win

Ye Shengge was trembling with anger.

“Enough,” Qiao Yanze scolded her coldly and looked at Li Yinian.

“Go back with Shengge first.”

Li Yinian nodded and grabbed Ye Shengges arm.

“Stop talking to him, Shengge.

Its not worth it.”

Ye Shengge forced herself to calm down at the thought of the fetus she was carrying.

“I really regret that my second personality didnt kill you directly,” she said coldly and returned home with Li Yinian.

Xiao Ruilang watched her leave and smiled.

“Ridiculous.” Qiao Yanze smiled disdainfully.

“Youre just doing this for your selfish interests, why are pretending to be a devoted lover”

“Wrong.” Xiao Ruilangs eyes glinted.

“I want benefits and the woman too.”

“Dream on,” Qiao Yanze said coldly.

In the living room, Ye Shengge sat on the sofa and took the cup of hot water from Li Yinian.

Her face was still pale.

“Dont worry, Mr.

Ji wont let him get what he wants,” Li Yinian comforted softly.

“It looks like hes involved in Xie Siqis death.” Ye Shengge took a sip of water.

“That man is like a poisonous snake.

He often bites you when your guard is down.”

Li Yinian shook her head and said, “No wonder Old Xiao didnt like him when he was alive.

Thats why I didnt ask for anything when I left the Xiao family.

He wouldnt have let me go if I dared to compete for his inheritance.”

“Hes more willing to go all out,” Ye Shengge said calmly.

“Thats why Im afraid Shiting will suffer.”

Back then, Xiao Ruilang had almost dragged a boatload of people along with him to kill Xiao Cheng.

He had sacrificed Xie Siqi without hesitation to deal with her and Shiting.

Xie Siqi probably couldnt have figured out who had taken her life even during her last moments before death.

To Xiao Ruilang, there was no good or bad, nor did he have any ethics to speak of.

He did everything according to his own wishes.

Such a person is far more dangerous than evil villains.

Li Yinian was dazed.

She nodded and said, “Thats true.

People who dont have a bottom line will end up losing out in the end.

But dont worry too much, people in their circle dont have high moral standards.

Do you think Mr.

Ji is a pure and innocent person”

Ye Shengge couldnt help chuckling upon hearing her words.

“That means Qiao Yanze isnt someone to be trifled with either.”

“Hes the most shameless one.” Li Yinian raised an eyebrow.

Qiao Yanze walked in right after she said that.

“What are you talking about”


Has Xiao Ruilang left” Li Yinian said as if nothing had happened.

She couldnt tell Qiao Yanze that she had been badmouthing him.

“Lets go.” Qiao Yanze looked at Ye Shengge and felt relieved after confirming that she looked normal.

“Ive called Old Ji.

Hell be here soon.”

“Thank you.” Ye Shengge nodded.

She wasnt very familiar with Qiao Yanze, and they had argued over Li Yinian before.

However, Qiao Yanze was still very loyal.

If he hadnt stayed behind, she might have been disadvantaged facing Xiao Ruilang alone.

“Wont there be only one person left in this villa after you move away” Qiao Yanze said as he glanced at Li Yinian.

“Wouldnt that be unsafe”

“Its alright.

Ill ask my assistant to move in with me,” Li Yinian said calmly.

“Lin Ran might stay here too.

You dont have to worry.”

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