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Chapter 731: I Want You Right Here

“I can only eat the food you cook.

Will you cook for me every day” Qiao Yanze said, but his eyes dimmed.

The woman was dressed casually today, but she was wearing a bra that looked like a bodice.

A thin red line wrapped around her neck and disappeared under her shirt, making people want to know the scenery inside.

The seemingly inconspicuous red line seemed to be seductive, moving with the womans breathing.

Qiao Yanze even felt that the red line was wrapped around his heart, making his body tense.

The mans eyes were on the end of the red line.

His Adams apple moved, and his breathing became heavier.

If he didnt know that the woman was avoiding him, he wouldve thought she was seducing him.

Li Yinian didnt notice the mans reaction.

She raised an eyebrow and retorted, “Qiao Yanze, if you get pregnant one day, I promise Ill cook for you every day.”

Qiao Yanze snorted and didnt say anything.

He lowered his head and bit her delicate neck, along with the red string.

The woman shivered and struggled, “Qiao Yanze!”

At that moment, Lin Ran stood up and said, “Sister Yinian, Ill see if Sister Shengge is back.”

She then ran out of the kitchen.

Li Yinian was still embarrassed when she felt a numbing sensation on her neck again.

Was that man born in the year of the dog

The mans heavy breathing could be heard clearly.

Li Yinian knew that she couldnt break free from him at this time, so she could only bite her lips and endure.

The man seemed to have bitten off her thin shirt, and most of her shoulders were exposed to the air.

Soon, she felt wet and warm.

Li Yinian shivered.

Qiao Yanze turned her around and made her sit on the counter facing him.

Li Yinian had to hug him to maintain her balance.

Most of her shirt was torn off, so the man could see her chest.

Qiao Yanze pressed against her and said, “Wear it like this next time, okay”

Li Yinian looked at her bra and said, “No.”

She had worn this bra this morning to make it easier to match with the Overseer shirt, but she hadnt expected the man to be so seductive.

“Ill have you here if you dont agree,” Qiao Yanze said as he lifted her dress with his right hand.

Li Yinian took a deep breath and said, “If youre not afraid of being watched, do whatever you want.”

Qiao Yanzes eyes dimmed.

He unbuttoned his pants and kissed her lips.

Li Yinian didnt dodge and let his hand move around her body.

Qiao Yanze couldnt control himself anymore, and his desire increased.

Besides, that woman was unusually obedient today.


Qiao, Sister Yinian, Sister Shengge and Mr.

Ji are here!”

Qiao Yanze froze, and his face sank.

The kitchen door wasnt closed, but Qiao Yanze still looked well-dressed from behind, so Lin Ran didnt notice anything wrong.

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