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Chapter 725: On Condition That You Marry Me

Jiang Yu frowned and said, “Does that mean you admit that she has a split personality and her second personality is violent and bloodthirsty”

However, Ji Shiting didnt say anything.

He smiled and left the police station.

Ji Shiting didnt leave immediately after returning to the car.

He lit up a cigarette and took a deep puff, trying to calm himself down.

The mans face was cold.

Sun Ye didnt dare ask why his boss was out so soon.

It had taken him at least half an hour to meet his wife a few days ago.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting finally said, “Drive.”

Sun Ye was about to start the car when someone knocked on the window.

Sun Ye turned around and saw a sweet smile.

He didnt want to bother seeing that his boss didnt seem to notice anything, but the girl outside was very stubborn and kept gesturing that she had something to say.

Sun Ye wound down the window and said, “Whats the matter”

“Wheres Ji Shiting I have something to discuss with him.” She looked to the back seat and saw the mans handsome and cold face.

The girl couldnt help gasping.

Ji Shiting looked at her coldly.

She seemed to be a bit afraid, so she said, “Ji Shiting, did you hit a nail on Jiang Yus head Im also a fan of Ye Shengge, so Ive decided to do something good and talk to you about a deal.

As long as you promise me, Ill ask Jiang Yu to let her go immediately.

At least you can bail Ye Shengge out.”

Ji Shiting said, “Who are you”

“My name is Jing Tong.” The girl leaned against the window and looked pitiful.

“Can I get in”

Jing Tong

The name reminded Ji Shiting of something.

The lady of Family Jing who was reputed to be very important to him was called Jing Tong.

His pupils contracted, and he nodded after a while.

The girl smiled, walked to the other side and got into the front passenger seat.

“Ji Shiting, let me tell you.

Jiang Yu has a bad temper, and he wont change anything hes determined to do, so dont waste your effort.

The only person who can get Ye Shengge out is me,” the girl said as she buckled her seat belt.

“Did you follow Jiang Yu here” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

Both the Jing family and the Jiang family were based in the capital, and they were from the same family.

It was normal for Jing Tong, the daughter of the Jing family, to know Jiang Yu.

“Thats only one aspect.

On the other hand, Im very interested in this case.

Is Ye Shengge really a dual personality patient” She turned around and looked at Ji Shiting.

Ji Shitings eyes turned cold.

Jing Tong smiled and said, “Fine, if you arent going to tell me anything then lets just forget it.”

“You said you wanted to negotiate a deal with me,” Ji Shiting said.

“What do you want”

“I promise Ill ask Jiang Yu to let her go before tomorrow,” the girl said.

“On the condition that you marry me.”

Sun Ye almost drove to the side of the road.

Ji Shiting was calm.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Reason”

“Youre rich and good-looking,” she said.

She thought for a bit.

“I think youre much better-looking than Jiang Yu.

That guys cold face will give me nightmares.”

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