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Chapter 71: Shiting Is in Love

Xie Siqi smiled.

“Work is more important.


Ji Shiting eyed her once more, then turned around and left the restaurant.

Grandpa Ji was a little annoyed.

“This kid is just too rude.”

If he really had an urgent job, he wouldnt have come to the manor.

A video conference was just an excuse.

“Its alright, Grandpa Ji.” Xie Siqi put down her fork and knife and smiled.

“Shitings been in a relationship lately.

Hes probably in a hurry to meet his girlfriend.”

“What A relationship” Grandpa Ji was shocked.


“Grandpa Ji, dont you know yet” Xie Siqi answered awkwardly.

“Thats what my guess is…”

“Quick, tell me,” Grandpa Ji asked impatiently.

“Why do you think so”

“I met Shiting in 1912 that day and he was looking at a girls photo.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“He was smiling when he left just now, as if he had just called that girl.”

Grandpa Ji slapped the desk and said, “Of course! Ive always felt that something was up with him, yet he kept it from me!”

“Please dont question Shiting, Grandpa Ji.

Otherwise, Shiting will blame me for talking too much.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“I reckon Shiting didnt tell you because he didnt want to be disturbed.”

“Im so pissed!” Grandpa Ji slapped the table again.

“This kid is trying to hide it from me.

I wont object to it as long as its a woman.

He knows whats on my mind, so why didnt he marry her No, I have to find that girl! Siqi, do you know who she is”

Xie Siqi frowned and said, “I saw a glimpse… But I can be certain if theres a photo.”

“Thats all I need! Thats all I need!” Grandpa Ji clapped his hands.

“Jin, Jin, go check it out!”

If Grandpa Ji was determined to investigate Ji Shitings whereabouts, it wouldnt be a secret.

After a short while, Uncle Jin found out everything about the opposite sex Ji Shiting had been in contact with recently, and he even attached photos.

“There were two Ms.

Ye who went to the same restaurant as Young Master on the same night,” Uncle Jin said, pointing at two photos.

“Whats more suspicious is that the two Ms.

Ye went to a nearby hotel and were recorded by CCTV at the entrance.

One of them was recorded entering, and the other was recorded leaving.

As far as I know, Young Master stayed in the same hotel that night, and Sun Ye booked a presidential suite in that hotel.”

“Hotel!” His grandpa was thrilled to hear that word.

It was as if he was watching his future great grandson waving at him.

Xie Siqi couldnt help pursing her lips to try suppress her emotions.

She had been prepared for that womans presence, but she hadnt expected Ji Shiting to have sex with that woman…

“Siqi, take a look.

Which one is the girl you saw” Grandpa Ji handed Xie Siqi the photos.

Xie Siqi calmed herself down and smiled.

The girl on the left looked delicate, but she looked a bit childish, and the one on the right… had a birthmark on her face

Actually, she hadnt seen the womans face clearly that day, but it was obvious that the one on the left looked easier to control.

She waved her left hand and smiled, “Its her.”

Ye Siyan


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