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Chapter 694: Do You Like Boys or Girls

“‘Meeting Cupid producers are from Xiyuan Entertainment, and the Ji family is a major shareholder of Xiyuan Entertainment.”

“It looks like the Internet is true.

Cheng Xinyue is Ji Shitings new favorite!”

“Cheng Xinyue exposed Ye Shengges birthmark at a branding event before.


Ji told her about it.

It looks like shes not lying.”

“Thats right.

Ye Shengge mustve gotten rid of the birthmark after Mr.

Ji dumped her.”

“Thats why the H familys endorsement fell to Cheng Xinyue, and Ye Shengge seems to have disappeared recently.

She hasnt negotiated the next movie withXue Ning yet… Is she going to die so soon”

“Dont spout nonsense! Our Shengges acting skills are there.

Even if no one praises her, she doesnt need to worry about resources! Her acting skills are levels above Cheng Xinyues, okay”

“But what if shes been blacklisted by Mr.


The discussion suddenly stopped, and the people in the audience lit up.

Some fans retorted and some haters gloated.

Ye Shengge returned the phone, with a calm expression on her face.

Lin Qi didnt know what to say.

After a while, she said, “Mr.

Ji mustve forgotten, right”

“Probably,” Ye Shengge said as if nothing had happened.

She even smiled.

“He was so excited about being a father yesterday that he didnt think about it.”

“Thats right.” Lin Qi nodded.

They didnt talk about it anymore.

Ye Shengge ate half a bowl of porridge, and Ji Shiting came again at noon.

The man had obviously rushed here.

He strode in, looking anxious.

He was even more worried when he saw Ye Shengge still lying on the sofa.

He walked over and hugged her.

“How o you feel now Did you eat anything after I left” he asked.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “I had a small bowl of porridge.”

“Thats good.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Do you want anything for lunch”

“No.” Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and smiled.

“Shiting, I have something to ask you.”

The womans sweet smile and gentle attitude made Ji Shitings worry and irritation disappear.

He looked happy and satisfied, and his voice was gentle.


“Its…” She rolled her eyes and smiled.” Have you thought about the gender of the child Do you like a boy or a girl ”

The man immediately smiled and said, “I hope its a girl.

Shell definitely look like you.”

Ye Shengge asked, “What if its a boy You wont like a boy”

“Boys are great too,” Ji Shiting said.

“If it were a boy, I would teach him well and raise him into a suitable heir.”

“I knew you wanted a boy more.” Ye Shengge was furious.

“Is a girl not fit to be the heir”

“Of course not.” Ji Shiting frowned.

“Ill treat both boys and girls equally.”

“I dont believe you.

If its a girl, Ill take her far away to avoid being disliked by you!” She suddenly pushed him away and stood up from the sofa.


Ill return to my room.”

Ji Shiting was left in a daze as Ye Shengge stomped off inexplicably.

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