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Chapter 693: The Power of Love Is Great

Ji Shiting got angrier seeing how weak the woman was.

However, Sun Ye looked at his watch and said, “Boss, theres a board meeting this morning.

You cant be absent…”

“Get lost!” The man was furious.

Sun Ye frowned.

However, Ye Shengge was already chasing him away.

“You should go, since you have a meeting.”

Ji Shiting glared at her and said, “How can I rest assured like this”

Ye Shengge blinked and said, “Its no use staying here.

Its not like I would be able to eat two bowls of rice even with you over here staring at me.”

The mans face sank.

“Go on.” Ye Shengge pushed him.

“Besides, you look terrifying.

I feel worse seeing you like this.

I feel more relaxed without you around.”

Ji Shiting hadnt expected to be disliked.

He stared at her and felt gloomy.

“Lets go.” Ye Shengge rubbed her arms.

“I lost my appetite because of you.”

Ji Shiting looked at her in disbelief.

He pursed his lips and clenched his jaw.

Besides being angry, he also seemed to be… aggrieved

Ye Shengge thought she was seeing things, and she found it amusing.

“Okay, dont be mad.” Her voice softened, and her eyes curved.

“I know you just feel sorry for me.

Dont worry.

When Li Yinian comes back, Ill ask her to cook for me.

Come find me after the meeting, okay”

The mans face finally relaxed, but he still held the woman in his arms for a while before standing up.

“Leave now.” The man shot Sun Ye a cold glance.

Sun Ye immediately followed her.

He was worried.

He had thought that Madams pregnancy would make his boss happy, but who knew that his boss would be furious if Madam felt even the slightest bit uncomfortable In the end, his subordinates would be the ones to suffer.

Why was his life so hard

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief after they left.

She adjusted her posture and lay on the sofa.

She couldnt help smiling as she recalled the mans aggrieved expression after she had scorned him.

Lin Qi smiled and said, “Sister Shengge, you look much better than before.

The power of love is great.”

Ye Shengge flicked her forehead and said, “No matter how great the power of love is, I still cant eat anything.”

The feeling of not being able to eat anything was the most torturous.

Lin Qi said sympathetically, “I made porridge.

Try it later.

Its good to have some soup.”

Ye Shengge sighed and said, “Give me the entertainment news for the next two days.”

“Okay.” Lin Qi immediately picked up her phone and started to browse.

Before long, she exclaimed, “Sister Shengge, Cheng Xinyue released a statement that she might be the lead actress ofMeeting Cupid! Isnt that woman too arrogant”

Ye Shengge was dazed.


How dare she”

“Look.” Lin Qi handed him her phone.

Ye Shengge clicked on the screen and bit her lips.

The netizens were all amazed that the woman had released a statement to hype herself up.

“Cheng Xinyues has been amazing recently, arent theyScared Of The Wind hasnt even started filming yet, yet the new show is already in talks.

And its such a strong team.”

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