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Chapter 663: Ji Shiting, I Hate You

She then bit his wrist hard.

Ji Shiting didnt feel any pain at all.

The woman had just woken up, and although she was on the drip, she still didnt have much strength.

The man stroked her chin with his other hand and said gently, “Be gentler.

Dont tire your teeth.”

Ye Shengge was suddenly deflated.

She let go of his wrist, and tears fell onto the back of the mans hand.

Ji Shiting seemed to be scalded.

He took a deep breath and lifted her face.

The mans pupils contracted seeing her cry.

He pressed his forehead against hers and said, “Lin Qi told me that youve suffered a lot these days, and I cant bear it for you, so I cant decide for you.”

Ye Shengge choked and said, “Ji Shiting, I hate you.”

The man was dazed and raised an eyebrow.

“…I hate you.” She seemed aggrieved, and tears kept rolling down her face.

“Actually, you dont want this child at all, do you You have a lot of new friends now, such as Cheng Xinyue… Why do you care about me if you are seeing them”

“Shengge, you…”

“Leave.” She suddenly pushed him, and her eyes were swollen.

“Leave! Ill go for the operation immediately.

Dont worry!”

Ji Shitings eyes widened in surprise.

“What nonsense are you spouting” He grabbed her wrist.

“Of course I want you to keep the child.

I want it so much! You have no idea how happy I was when I realized that you might be pregnant.”

Ye Shengges eyes turned red, and she tried to push him with her left hand.

“You are lying!”

Ji Shiting grabbed her left hand and said, “Dont move.

Youre on the drip.”

Ye Shengge glared at him and tried to pull the needle out.

Ji Shiting grabbed her right hand again and frowned, “Stop it, Shengge.”

“Im not messing around.

Im serious!” She suddenly yelled at him.

“Go, go! Just continue to freeze me! Ill get lost immediately and out of your sight.

I promise I wont bother you anymore!”

Ji Shitings heart trembled.

“Who said I wanted to freeze you” The man was a bit helpless by her sudden temper, but he couldnt do anything to her, so he could only comfort her.

“Ill tell them to remove Cheng Xinyues endorsement and role.

Ill give you whatever you want.”

“I dont want what she has!” Ye Shengge yelled.

“Okay, no.

Lets pick something else,” the man coaxed.

“Ill give you the role in your audition today if you want it, okay”

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