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Chapter 651: Sooner or Later, The New Love Will Be The Old Love

However, Ye Shengge didnt want to give up.

After all, she had been preparing for this role for a long time.

They arrived on the 12th floor and walked out of the elevator.

A staff member greeted them with a smile, “Are you Ms.

Ye Shengge Please follow me.”

Ye Shengge took off her sunglasses and nodded at her.

“Are there many people auditioning today”

“Not many.

Including you, there are five people in total,” said the staff member.

“But youre the last one on the audition list.”

“Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Im a loyal fan ofXue Ning.

I have to say, your acting is amazing!” The staff member sounded excited.

“Can I ask for your signature after your audition”

“Of course.” Ye Shengge smiled.

After returning to China for a month, she was used to the passion of her fans and was learning how to be a star.

The happiness of being loved by others was great, so she didnt want her acting career to end.

She put her hand on her belly as she thought of that.

She was so confused and conflicted that she was about to go crazy.

What should she do with the child

Ye Shengge was shocked as the staff walked into the VIP room.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

She hadnt expected to see Cheng Xinyue competing for the role.

Lin Qi mumbled, “Another shameless woman.”

“Dont provoke her,” Ye Shengge said and sat down.

The staff immediately served them hot water.

Ye Shengge thanked him, held the hot water in her hand and took a sip.

Fortunately, she didnt puke this time.

At this moment, she heard a mean voice, “Who is this”

Ye Shengge paused, put down her cup and looked up.

“Nice to meet you, Ms.


Cheng Xinyue sneered and said disdainfully, “Who was it that told me that day,Just because he doesnt want to argue with me doesnt mean he wont argue with you That was terrifying.

Do you know who got the H family endorsement Do you know that Im still the lead actress ofScared Of The Wind and even signed the contract Why cant I see what youre talking about”

Cheng Xinyue couldnt have felt more resentful just thinking about the humiliation and abuse she had suffered that day.

Actually, she had been worried that Ji Shiting would take revenge on her, but not only had her role and endorsement not been withdrawn, even the H family had chosen her as their spokesperson.

They sounded respectful and obsequious, and all she had seen these days were smiles.

Even her agent had said that Mr.

Ji might really like her.

Before she came today, her agent had told her that the audition venue had been changed to T.S.

Corporation, and that Mr.

Ji had asked the producers to arrange it for her.

Cheng Xinyue was thrilled at that thought.

She was thrilled to see Ye Shengges expression change.

However, Ye Shengge regained her composure and said, “Really Youre lucky.”

Her voice was calm.

“No, this isnt luck.

This is strength.” Cheng Xinyue waved her fingers, enjoying the joy of victory.

“This is the difference between a new lover and an old one.”

“A new lover will become an old one sooner or later.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Please, dont be so self-seeking, Ms Cheng.

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