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Chapter 647: Offended Ji Shiting


Li, youre my savior!” Lin Qi looked like she wanted to hug and kiss her.

Ye Shengge gave her a thumbs up.

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Its good that you can eat it.”

Ye Shengge ate half of the two dishes under their relieved gazes.

Actually, it wasnt a lot, but it was much better than what she had eaten and vomited two days ago.


Li, can you cook every day” Lin Qi asked excitedly.

“Stop it, Lin Qi.” Ye Shengge glared at her.

“Yinian is very busy at work.

She doesnt have time to cook.”

“Its alright.

I can cook for you as long as Im at home.” Li Yinian looked at her.

“If you plan to keep the baby, Ill support you.”

Ye Shengge was dazed, then she smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Ye Shengge hadnt been out for a week, partly because she wasnt feeling well, and partly because she didnt have much work recently.

“I dont know why, but there havent been many schedules sent to you lately,” said Shang Tianyi.

“Even the schedules weve set up were broken off by many people.

I feel… Did you offend someone”

Ye Shengge thought for a bit and smiled, “Does offending Ji Shiting count”

Shang Tianyi :”…”

“Dont worry.

The company and other artists wont be affected,” Ye Shengge said.

“Im not suited for work anyway.”

“So, you plan to keep the child” Shang Tianyi asked.

Ye Shengges breathing quickened.

“Ill make a decision as soon as possible,” she said hoarsely.

“Im still waiting for the results of the investigation at the hotel in Santorini.

The Europeans are too inefficient.

It might take another two or three days.”

She wanted to know who had entered her room that night.

The surveillance camera in the hallway was empty, and it was obvious that the original video had been covered, but it was impossible for the person to leave no traces as long as he had entered the hotel.

“Okay then.” Shang Tianyi sighed.

“Hows the script”

Ye Shengge immediately stood up, took out a folder from the bookshelf, and put it in front of Shang Tianyi.

“Meeting Cupid.

This is a fantasy romance comedy.

The script is very interesting, the production team is excellent, and the lead actress has some space to showcase herself.

The roles Ive played now are complicated, be it Xue Ning or An Ran.

Theres depth, but it lacks audience affinity.

If this movie succeeds, it can make up for the flaws in this aspect and broaden my acting career.”

Shang Tianyi said, “Not bad.

Were thinking the same thing.

Theres a preliminary audition in three days.”

“Thats right.” Ye Shengge nodded.

“This show will start shooting in a month, and itll finish in less than three months.

Even if Im pregnant, it wont affect me from finishing this show.”

“Are you really thinking of keeping the child” Shang Tianyi had a complicated look on his face.


Corporation didnt invest in this show, but the investor, Xiyuan Entertainment, is also a subsidiary of T.S.


According to the current trend, the role wont fall to you.


Corporations pan-Entertainment layout started last year, and its already achieved preliminary results.

To be honest, if Mr.

Ji decides to go against you, your future will be very difficult.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “Ill try my best.”

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