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Chapter 640: Cant Bear to

“Ill support you if you decide to have some of that child,” Song Ruxu said gently.

“Dont blame yourself.

You said yourself that the child was an accident.

Besides, its indeed inappropriate for you to have a child in your current condition.”

“Thank you, Dr.

Song.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Im not blaming myself.

I just… cant bear to.”

It was strange.

She didnt know who the father of the child was, but she couldnt help wanting to cry at the thought of a baby being born in her belly.

After the initial shock and panic, she couldnt help imagining the baby.

She had longed for family for too long.

How great would it be if the childs father was Ji Shiting

However, if it werent that… how could she have give birth to a strangers child

“Calm down first.

You said that the child will only be gone for a month at most.

You still have time to make a decision,” Song Ruyu comforted.

“Lets talk when I return to Yang City.

Dont be afraid.”

“Thank you, Dr.

Song.” Ye Shengge fell onto the sofa.

Lin Qi ended the call with Shang Tianyi.

“Sister Shengge, Brother Tianyi said that if you decide to keep the child, your future plans will have to be adjusted,” said Lin Qi.

“He also said that it wouldnt matter if the child is Mr.

Jis, but if it isnt, he wants you to abort the child.

After all, youve just debuted, and itll affect your future as a star.”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “Ill consider it.”

Lin Qi handed her the hot water, and at that moment, she heard something.

Lin Qi turned around and jumped up from the sofa.




The man walked in with the key in his hand.

Ye Shengge was slow to react.

She looked up and saw the mans handsome and silent face.

She felt as if her throat was being grabbed by a big hand.

“Whats wrong Why do you look so upset” The man said as he stared at her.

The womans face was pale, and she looked dazed as if she had been dealt a heavy blow.

Ji Shiting was even more suspicious of her.

“Um… Nothing.” Lin Qi forced a smile.

“Sister Shengge is exhausted today…”

“Really” The man said.

He walked over, sat down beside Ye Shengge and hugged her.

“What happened”

Ye Shengge finally realized what had happened.

“Why… Why do you have my key” She struggled, and her voice was hoarse.

“Thats not the point.” The man looked at her.

“What happened”

Ye Shengge suddenly felt aggrieved upon seeing the mans dark eyes.

She wanted to ask him whether he was the man that night.

However, what if his answer was no She couldnt guarantee that she could handle that outcome.

She was still calm, but in the end, it was all because she subconsciously felt that the child might be his.

However, she didnt dare take the risk, nor could she.

“Not saying anything” Ji Shiting looked at Lin Qi.

“Tell me.

Dont patronize me like youre tired.”

Lin Qi wanted to cry.

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