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Chapter 622: Youre In Love With Me

The assistant beside Ye Shengge, the girl called Lin Qi, wouldnt avoid her, but she was still afraid.

However, she didnt see any fear in that mans eyes… Was he really not afraid that she would attack him again Where did his confidence come from

The woman hated how confident he was, and she wanted him to have a taste of her own medicine again.

However, she was also attracted to the calmness and composure that the man exuded.

She didnt want to disappoint him, and she didnt want him to be hurt again.

This feeling was unfamiliar to her.

She hated it, but she couldnt get rid of it.

It was as if someone was affecting her actions and consciousness.

“Do you want to know the reason” Ji Shiting chuckled.

“Because she loves me.”

The woman seemed to be dazed for a bit, then she snorted and said, “Then you must hate me.

She had to stay away from you because of me.”

“No, I dont hate you,” Ji Shiting said.

“Actually, I feel sorry for you.”

The woman wanted to rebut him, but seeing the mans dark eyes, she realized that he was telling the truth.

This was the first time she had been looked at like this, as if she was looking at a child who had gone astray.

She should hate the feeling of being cared for, but subconsciously, she was a bit greedy.

No, no…

She tried to get rid of that feeling and said, “I dont need your concern! Dont look at me like that!”

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Really”

“Dont try to lie to me.

Actually, you didnt do it for me.

You did it for her.” The woman snorted.

“I wont fall for it.”

“Youre also a part of her to me,” Ji Shiting said.

“I feel sorry for her because of you.”

“Shut up! Im different from her! Dont use what you did to her on me!” The woman seemed to be irritated.

“Dont think I wont dare hurt you again!”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and smiled, “Come have dinner.

You must be hungry.”

The mans nonchalant attitude pissed her off.

However, she couldnt help being confused as she watched the man leave.

He even dared to show her his back.

It seemed that he wasnt afraid at all… She really hated being so sure, but she really couldnt bring herself to do it.

How annoying!

She stomped her feet, but seeing the man looking at her, she couldnt help walking over and taking the chopsticks from him.

After sitting on the sofa, she bit her chopsticks and said, “If I replace her and wont let her out or hurt you, will you still be my husband”

“From what you said.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

“Are you in love with me”

The woman was furious.

“Im not.

Youre so annoying.

Preaching about love all day long.


Ji Shitings lips curled upwards.

He suddenly recalled that he had asked Ye Shengge the same question a long time ago.

Ye Shengges reaction was the same as the woman in front of him.

The woman in front of him was just more intense.

“What are you laughing at” She got angrier and rushed to him with her chopsticks.

“Let me tell you, if you dare…”


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