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Chapter 613: Ji Shiting Saw It

Sun Ye thought to himself, That might not be the case.

If you werent the wife of the president, would our subordinates have a good life

However, he still looked apologetic.

“I understand.

Im just not used to it yet.”

“Please get used to it as soon as possible.” Lin Qi yelled at him.

“And stay away from our Sister Shengge!”

Sun Ye glared at the girl.

She had a smart face, but why did she have such a blockhead How dare she encourage Madam to be with another man

Lin Qi widened her eyes and glared at Sun Ye.

Ye Shengge didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“We should head back now, Assistant Sun.

Help yourself.” She then dragged Lin Qi away.

“Humph.” Lin Qi was still a bit upset on the way back.

“What a busybody.

That male fan is rather handsome.”

“Even if Sun Ye didnt pull him away, I wouldnt have hugged him.” Ye Shengge poked her head.

“Ill say it again.

Stop worrying about me!”

Lin Qi stuck out her tongue.

“But why did Assistant Sun come to Santorini for a vacation” Lin Qi mumbled.

Ye Shengge was stumped as well.

Half of “Xue Ning” had already been broadcasted.

The viewership ratings kept rising and it was increasingly talked about.

The investor T.S.

Corporation had made a fortune, and although the income of a TV show was only so much for a behemoth like T.S., a project that could make money was a good project.

Previously, some directors thought that Ji Shiting had chosen a newcomer as the lead actress for personal gain.

Now, seeing Ye Shengges performance and the strong viewership ratings of “Xue Ning”, they all shut up.

However, if any of the directors praised Ji Shitings wise decision, they would only get a cold shoulder.

If anyone dared to praise Ye Shengge in front of Ji Shiting and look like they were smitten by her, they would get more than just a cold shoulder.

Someone in the secretariat had once used Xue Nings photo as a screensaver, and after being discovered by the boss, they were sent back to their original department, scaring all the secretaries and assistants.

They knew that their boss was in a bad mood again, and since Brother Sun Ye wasnt around, they had to face his bad mood.

However, no one knew why Big Boss was in a bad mood.

If Sun Ye were here, he would definitely be able to guess that it was because of a photo posted online by a fan.

AfterXue Ning became popular, Ye Shengge, who was the lead actress, became popular, but she refused to show her face, which made the netizens anxious.

Many people had become Ye Shengges fans because of the show, and they were looking for all news related to her.

Thus, when a fan posted a photo of Ye Shengge on Weibo, it was immediately discovered by the netizens.

“I ran into Ye Shengge in Santorini.

The goddess is super nice, and shes prettier than on screen.

I dont think she has any birthmark on her face, and her skin is amazing! I couldnt even see a single pore! Believe it or not, I almost got to hug her!”

There was a photo attached to the post.

In the photo, a young man was smiling foolishly, and beside him was Ye Shengge, who was smiling.

The two of them were very close, and the scene was rather eye-catching.

The post went viral within a few hours.

Ji Shiting saw it.


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