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Chapter 57: Cant Leave

“Shameless slut.

Drop dead!”

Cheng Fang pushed Ye Shengge as she was indignant.

Ye Shengge couldnt balance herself, so she couldnt help stumbling.

As she was about to hit the door, somebody came into the room.


Ye Shengge closed her eyes as she thought she was going to fall to the ground, however, she didnt feel the pain she had been expecting as someone held her tightly.

“Idiot.” She heard a man say to her in a deep and distant voice.

Ye Shengge was shocked as it sounded very familiar.

She opened her eyes, and she saw a familiar handsome but apathetic face.

“Ji Shiting” She mumbled as her eyes were about to pop.

Ji Shiting snorted, looked up and saw the people about to walk out.

He then looked to the manager and the waiters beside him.

They immediately realized what had happened, rushed into the room and closed the door, stopping Mu Yanhuai from walking out of his sight.


Mu,” the manager smiled and said.

“Sorry, please leave now, our restaurant cant host you anymore.”

“What do you mean” Mu Yanhuai was dazed.

“Who was that man”

He had seen a man grabbing Ye Shengge, but he hadnt see how the man looked.

Besides, Fenghua had not only told him to leave, but had also put him on the blacklist.

“Literally what I meant,” the manager said coldly.

“This meal is on the house, and you can file a complaint against me if youre upset.”

Fenghua Restaurant was under Fengqiao Corporation, and the manager knew that the fourth son of Qiaos family was a close friend of that boss, so he was certain that he would definitely approve of his decision.

Mu Xiaoya couldnt help stepping forward as she raised her head and said, “Do you know who I am”

“I do,” the manager said.


Mu, youre on our blacklist now as well.


Mu Xiaoya was so angry that she was shaking as she had never been treated this way since she had shot to fame.

Cheng Fang felt humiliated and yelled, “Is this how you run a business Get your boss here!”

“Shut up, mom!” Mu Yanhuai yelled as he was furious.

Being blacklisted by Fenghua was nothing.

His major concern was the identity of the man who had caught Ye Shengge.

Was that man the reason why she could get the part ofXue Ning

Was he the reason she didnt care about their engagement anymore

Mu Yanhuai looked gloomy.

Ye Shengge still looked confused, held in Ji Shitings embrace outside the room.

She felt that this man always seemed to show up when she was in danger.

Feeling the warm and broad embrace, she suddenly had a strange feeling in her heart.

Ji Shiting looked at her drawing a blank and he sneered, “Why Cant you walk”

Ye Shengge was knocked back to reality as she looked at that mans dark eyes and saw him swallowing saliva.

She couldnt recall how many times shed met him.

It was indeed destiny, and there was no way she could let it go!

Besides, she had never been able to reach Sun Ye before, and now that Ji Shiting was right in front of her, she couldnt miss this chance.

Ye Shengge clenched her arms and hugged him, looking at him gullibly and saying, “My legs are numb.

I cant walk.”


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