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Chapter 545: Being Spoiled

Ye Shengge couldnt have been angrier.

Not only was she not mad, but her face was also blushing.

That man had never fed her personally, let alone looked at her with such a gentle gaze.

She couldnt take it anymore.

She opened her mouth to take the soup dumpling, but just as she was about to bite it, Ji Shiting moved his hand back and missed her.

She stared at that man speechlessly.

She hadnt realized he had such a childish side before.

Ji Shiting seemed to have noticed something from her gaze.

He raised an eyebrow, grabbed her chin and put the soup dumpling into her mouth.

However, before she could close her mouth, the mans lips and tongue blocked her mouth and bit off half of the soup dumpling.

Soon, Ye Shengge felt that her mouth was filled with soup and the mans burning tongue.

This way of feeding was both erotic and… unsanitary.

Her face was flushed, and she put her hands on his chest, wanting to reject him, but she couldnt bear to.

After sharing the soup dumpling, the man chuckled, “Is it good”

“Its Li Jis soup dumplings.

Of course theyre delicious, but theyre a bit far away.

Lin Qi and I sometimes go to the company to buy soup dumplings from this restaurant,” Ye Shengge explained, pretending not to know what he was asking.

“Do you want another one” The man didnt mind it at all.

Ye Shengges heart ached as she looked at his smiling dark eyes.

She hadnt dared to imagine such a gentle time in the past, but this man wasnt stingy at all.

He was so gentle that she couldnt take it.

She grabbed the mans collar with both hands and nodded, “Yes.”

Lin Qi hid in the room for a long time.

She reckoned that the two of them were about done eating, so she walked out of the room quietly.

However, she saw a scene that made her blush the moment she walked to the living room.


Ji hugged Sister Shengge on his lap, and the two of them were kissing.

After they finally separated, Mr.

Ji said something to Sister Shengge, and she smiled sweetly and shyly.

The two of them hugged each other tightly.

Lin Qi held her beating heart and turned around to return to her room.

She then fell onto the bed and buried her blushing face.

Sister Shengge would probably remarry Mr.

Ji, right Then, Shengge wouldnt have to be sad anymore.

She wanted to fall in love…

Ye Shengge despised herself.

Why couldnt she resist that mans sugarcoated bullets

They had sex for breakfast, and after a long time, she was kissed by the man again.

“Ill come here whenever I have the chance.” The man held her face and said hoarsely.

“Ill be with you when you go to Song Ruxus place.”

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered.

“Is that… appropriate If grandpa finds out…”

“Grandpa wont notice.” The man interrupted her and smiled.

“After all, Ive lost my memory.”

Ye Shengge pressed her forehead against his and felt suffocated.

That man was pretending to have amnesia to lower his grandpas guard so that he could find a chance to see her.


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