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Chapter 539: When Are You Planning to Regain Your Memory

The streetlights cast a shadow of the two of them hugging each other, so tightly that it seemed like they would never separate.

The entire world was silent, as if time had stopped.

Ye Shengge couldnt help thinking how good it would be if time could stop at this moment.

“Are you still cold” The man put his hand into her hair and said gently.

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “Ji Shiting.”


“When… do you plan to recover your memories”

“How can I control something like that” He sounded confused.

“Your question is weird.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

“Dont worry.

Having amnesia wont stop me from sleeping with you.” He chuckled and grabbed her hands.

“Lets go home.”

Ye Shengges bedroom had a separate bathroom and bathroom.

She came out of the shower and saw Ji Shiting sitting on the edge of the bed.

He was holding a chain in his hand, and his lips were pursed.

He threw the chain to the ground and looked up at her.

His Adams apple bobbed, and his voice was hoarse.

“Come here.”

The man had already taken a shower.

His eyes were dark and handsome, and he had a lazy smile on his face.

He was wearing a bathrobe, and the belt around his waist was loose.

One could vaguely see his tight abs.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

This had happened countless times in Qianfan Villa.

It was as if nothing had changed except the location.

He was still Ji Shiting, and she was still his wife.

Ye Shengge blinked and tried to suppress the bitterness in her heart.

She walked to his side and fell into his embrace.

The man grabbed her waist and lifted her up, letting her sit on his lap.

There was almost no distance between them.

The mans cold aura made Ye Shengge dizzy.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward.

She looked at his lips and hesitated.

Ji Shiting chuckled, looked up and kissed her lips.

The kiss was unusually long, and the sound of lips and tongue intertwining was clear and ambiguous.

After the kiss, Ye Shengge suddenly lowered her eyes, tightened her arms, and buried her face in his neck.

Her breathing became more rapid.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and kissed her cheek again.

“What happened”

Ye Shengge shook her head but couldnt say anything.

Ji Shiting held her face, only to find that the womans eyes were red.

The mans pupils contracted.

He tightened his grip on her waist, and the veins on the back of his hand could be seen clearly.

“Are you afraid” He chuckled.

“Seems like I used to be amazing in bed.

You cried before I even started.”

Ye Shengges sadness was completely destroyed by that sentence.

She glared at him and said, “No way.”

“Im just too excited.” His voice was hoarse, and he stroked her face with his hand.

Ye Shengge felt sour seeing the emotions in his eyes.

He was worried about her, and his heart ached for her.

She knew that, so no matter how dangerous it was to stay by her side, no matter how determined she was, that man wouldnt really leave her alone.


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