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Chapter 486: The Value of the Promise

Ye Shengge was heartbroken.

How could she not know

He was so badly hurt and bleeding, yet he still told her not to let the servants in the villa know.

At first, she didnt understand why.

Were the servants in the villa not trustworthy

However, she later realized that alerting the servants in the villa would definitely alert Grandpa Ji.

If Grandpa Ji knew that she had hurt Ji Shiting, he would never allow her to stay by Ji Shitings side.

Ji Shiting had told her more than once that he wouldnt leave her, and Ye Shengge hadnt realized how important that promise was until now.

Thus, he would rather wait half an hour or longer to hide it from his grandpa.

However, even if she understood his intentions, she couldnt really do as he asked.

Because one more minute and he would be in more danger.

She only wanted him to be fine, even if…

Even if she had to sign the divorce agreement.

“I understand everything you said.” Ye Shengge closed her eyes and tried to suppress her tears.

“But can we wait a bit longer At least… until he wakes up.”

Grandpa Ji looked at her and said, “Whats the difference”

“Yes.” Ye Shengges hands were shaking.

“At least I can stay by his side as his wife before he wakes up.”

Grandpa Ji thought for a bit and nodded, “Okay, lets wait a few more days.

But Ill send someone to follow you.

I hope you understand.”

Ye Shengge shivered again.

Indeed, Grandpa Ji had planned to kick her out after she signed the papers.

After all, she was a dangerous person.

Ye Shengge nodded and stood up.

Perhaps it was because she was exhausted, or perhaps it was because she had caught a cold, or perhaps it was because she needed Ji Shiting to part, but she finally broke down.

When she walked to the door, her vision turned dark, and she couldnt help kneeling on the ground.

Sister Xiu exclaimed, “Young Madam!”

As the CEO and helmsman of T.S.

Corporation, Ji Shiting was crucial to the companys stability, so the news of him being injured and unconscious was immediately covered up.

Otherwise, it might affect T.S.

Corporations shares greatly.

However, the company had a lot of work to deal with every day, and many decisions had to be made.

Without Ji Shiting, the Earth wouldnt stop spinning, but the operations of T.S.

Corporation would definitely be affected.

Thus, Grandpa Ji, who hadnt been in charge for many years, had to helm the company in his stead.

He had set up the hospital lounge as his temporary office.

Uncle Jin and Sun Ye were in charge of the screening together.

Other than the most important part, Sun Ye handed all the other work to a few vice presidents and people in charge.

Sun Ye had only known that his boss was injured after receiving Grandpa Jis call.

No wonder he had received his bosss call at 3: 30 AM.

Sun Ye couldnt help feeling upset seeing the chairman reading through the documents with his presbyopic glasses.

No wonder the chairman insisted that the president give birth early.

There were too few people in the Ji family, and they couldnt handle any trouble.

If anything happened to the president today, the chairman wouldnt be able to last long.

He hoped that the president would wake up soon.

Sun Ye prayed.

However, his hopes were dashed.

Ji Shiting showed no signs of waking up for three days.

Also, he hadnt seen any trace of the Young Madam during this time.


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