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Chapter 470: As You Wish

The mans hand was burning, and his eyes were like a deep ocean.

This was the first time he had heard that word from her.

“Im already your wife.

Logically speaking, I should be satisfied, but…” Ye Shengge suddenly smiled.” But I cant be satisfied.

I hope you can fall in love with me.

Ji Shiting breathed heavily.

“Do you think Im overestimating myself” She suddenly felt nervous as she stared at his handsome face.

The man hugged her and chuckled, “Not bad.

At least youre ambitious.”

Ye Shengge suddenly felt deflated.

She had thought she would get a response after confessing, but it seemed that she was overthinking.

However, she wasnt surprised, so she wasnt disappointed for long.

She thought for a bit and said, “Thats why I want to do something for you… Whether I get what I want or not, I wont regret it.

Im willing to bear all the consequences.”

“Is giving birth to my child your hard work” The man said hoarsely.

She nodded.

“You wont regret it no matter what you remember” he continued.

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “I wont regret it even if Im a villain!”

“Seems like you really love me,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt her face burning.

“Thats right.

Thats how much I love you,” she said.

“Thats why I want to give birth to a football team for you and let them share your inheritance!”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard as he stared at her blushing face.

He suddenly felt that the birthmark had brought too many regrets.

No matter what happened, he would always be by her side.

The man suddenly turned around and pressed her against his body.

“As you wish,” he said and spread her legs.

Ye Shengge hadnt expected that man to change his mind, and she felt nervous.

The man pressed against her, his movements intense, and his handsome face was filled with desire.

She stared at him.

She didnt know whether it was because the drug was too strong or something else, but the desire in her heart didnt ease at all.

Instead, it got stronger.

She couldnt help kissing his lips.

He groaned and kissed her deeply.

After that, Ji Shiting carried her to the bathroom and pressed her against the wall.

He then kissed her again.

After three times, Ye Shengge was completely exhausted.

The man kissed her sweaty face and said, “Is that enough”

Ye Shengge opened her eyes and breathed, “Not enough.”

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed again.

It was already night time when everything concluded.

The woman had already fallen asleep.

Ji Shiting didnt look tired at all.

He put on a robe and covered the woman on the bed with the blanket.

He couldnt help touching her face.

The birthmark had finally disappeared completely.

Her face was clean, as if the birthmark had never existed.

Her exquisite facial features were less seductive, but more elegant, making her look more attractive.

The mans eyes dimmed, and he pressed his fingers against her red lips.


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