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Chapter 47: Sorry for Mu Xiaoya

After the contracts were signed, the official account ofXue Ning announced the lead actress for Xue Ning and the second supporting actress for Ying Xue.

‘Xue Ning was an IP-adapted show which had great popularity.

The official account had announced the actors and actresses for most of the roles, leaving only a few crucial roles behind.

The entire internet went crazy after it announced its choice for the lead actress and the second supporting actress.

Besides, both actresses were in the spotlight these days.

Ye Shengge had gained some fame during the scandal, and the audience were curious about her.

The topicYe Shengge please enter the entertainment world was just for fun, and they hadnt expected it to happen so soon.

However, more people questioned the choice.

“What happened How did an agent whos never been on a show before suddenly become the lead actress of an IP-adapted show There must be something going on here.”

“I heard Mu Xiaoya was supposed to be Xue Ning, but her chance was destroyed because of the scandal, yet her agent got the part.

Also, Ye Shengge hinted that Mu Xiaoya wasnt as innocent as she looked… Well… I guess anyone with a brain could figure out what happened.”

“Why is our Xiaoya only a second supporting actress What kind of rubbish team is that”

“Mu Xiaoya was definitely framed during the sex tape.”

“That Ye Shengge is so sneaky.

Whos helping her”

“Sorry for Mu Xiaoya…”

“Sorry for Mu Xiaoya too…”

“Sorry for Mu Xiaoya as well…”

All of a sudden, most of the people on the Internet were feeling sorry for Mu Xiaoya, and they deemed that Ye Shengge was sneaky and had framed Mu Xiaoya.

There were also some netizens who pointed out how ridiculous it sounded as Ye Shengge was the boss of Star Brilliance, and that she wouldve entered the entertainment world herself if she really wanted to.

There was no point in helping Mu Xiaoya gain fame and destroy her with a video.

However, not many people noticed these rational voices.

The post ofXue Ning was reported and commented on tens of thousands of times, and almost everyone was feeling sorry for Mu Xiaoya.

Ye Shengge stayed at home and read the script for days.

However, she also tried to call Sun Ye several times to ask about the cooperation project with T.S Corporation, but Sun Ye never picked up the phone.

The assistants attitude was Ji Shitings attitude, which made Ye Shengge sad and angry.

If that man didnt want to talk to her anymore, who else could she turn to

Mu Yanhuai No way!

Shang Tianyi was gay, not interested in women.

As for the male artists in her company, they wouldnt say no, but they would probably think she was trying to rip them off.

Ye Shengge realized that she couldnt find a man even if she wanted to.

Ye Shengge then put down the script and headed to the company directly.

However, her assistant Lin Qi immediately dragged her to the office after she arrived, and she learnt that the entire Internet was trashing her.

She took a look at Weibo, and immediately realized it was Mu Yanhuai who had paid them to do so, so she couldnt help sneering.

Lin Qi was worried, “Sister Shengge, the Internets been trashing you for days.

Why are you still smiling”

Ye Shengge answered with a smile, “Doesnt matter.

They cant change the fact that Im the lead actress.”

“But Boss Mu is preposterous!” Lin Qi mumbled.

“Youre his fiancé, yet he trashed you to whitewash Mu Xiaoya.

Its outrageous!”

Ye Shengges eyes glinted.

Outrageous Mu Yanhuai had done such outrageous thing too many times.

He wasnt even worried that she had found out.

After all, he thought he was right all the time and she couldnt fight back.

“Doesnt matter.

The fiercer the public opinion is, the stronger itll bounce back.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Acting skills are the most important thing to actors.”

What Mu Yanhuai had done wasnt harmful to her at all, instead, it drew so much attention that it actually benefitedXue Ning.

“Thats right.” Lin Qi clenched her fist.

“Youre way more talented than Mu Xiaoya, and when the show airs, theyll all regret what they said.”

“We wont need to wait that long,” said Ye Shengge, thinking.

After all, it was almost time to shoot for the official posters.


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