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Chapter 45: Leave As Soon As Possible

Sun Ye couldnt help feeling anxious.

Hed already heard the woman scream outside the office, so itd end horribly for him if he stopped his boss.

However, if he didnt ring his boss and the chairman saw what was going on in the office, it would end worse for him…

“Got it,” Ji Shiting forced two words out and picked Ye Shengge up from the desk.

He pinched her jaw and said, “Ill go get changed.

Leave as soon as possible.”


“Do it.

Otherwise, dont even think about cooperating with T.S, Corporation.” The man warned her, and then, he turned around and walked to the restroom nextdoor.

Ye Shengge was still sitting on the desk with a blushing face, dazed.

She didnt know how to feel, whether to be relieved or feel sad that she missed a chance again.

However, she was still upset about being told to leave by that man.

Although they hadnt done it in the end, it was still so ruthless of him, not too different from being told to leave after actually having sex.

She bit her lips, jumped off the desk, and blushed further because of how sore her body was.

There was a bathroom aside from a changing room.

Ji Shiting finally calmed himself down completely after having a cold shower.

There was no one else in the office after he got changed.

He walked to the sofa and lit up a cigarette.

Perhaps it was time that he couldnt ignore Ye Shengge anymore.

Whether she admitted it or not, she was different.

The first time, he had been drugged, and the second time, the woman had thrown herself at him, but this time, he couldnt fine another excuse.

Itd been years, and ever since what had happened before, he had been repulsed by women.

His grandpa had urged him to get married and have kids, yet he had just failed to find any woman attractive.

However, there was an exception to everything.

And that exception made him alert out of instinct.

Withihn the smoke, Ji Shiting closed his eyes, thinking about how nervous and horrified Ye Shengge had been when she had been sleeping beside him.

He couldnt help chuckling and put out the cigarette in the ashtray.

Ji Shiting couldnt concentrate while he was having dinner with his grandpa.

After talking about company issues, his grandpa suddenly changed the topic, “Are you hiding something from me, Shiting”

“No,” Ji Shiting said.

“Im thinking about the Nan Citys case.”

“Um…” Grandpa Ji thought for a bit and said.

“Your mom called me yesterday.

Do you want to head back to Xies family if you have time”

Ji Shiting looked solemn, “No need.”

“Shes your birth mother, after all.” His grandpa sighed.

“Although she remarried someone when you were young, it was after your dad passed away.

Theres nothing wrong with that.

Youre the only descendant our family has, so I wont let her take you away.”

“I know,” said Ji Shiting apathetically.

“But I still dont want to see her.”

His birth mother Xu Shaoqing, had remarried someone from Xies family, a prominent family in Yang City after his father died.

Although she wasnt completely absent, she was like a stranger to Ji Shiting.

Grandpa Ji gave in and said, “Whatever.

As long as you can get a wife, I dont care what you do.”

Ji Shiting smiled and poured his grandpa a cup of tea.

After the lunch, his grandpa went back to their old house while Ji Shiting went back to the office.

There were documents everywhere in front of the desk.

He suddenly recalled the cooperation plan brought by Ye Shengge.


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