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Chapter 446: Provoking

Ye Shengges breathing stagnated.

She wasnt surprised that the man would suspect her, but Ye Shengge hadnt expected him to be so accurate.

She wanted to explain, but the man put his index finger on her lips.

“Things progressed as you wished.

You told Grandpa that you couldnt get pregnant, and you took responsibility when Grandpa reprimanded me.” Ji Shiting looked impressed.

“I cant even blame you just based on how things are going.

After all, Xie Siqi was the one behind it.

You were just forced.

To prevent Grandpa from forcing me to divorce you, getting rid of the birthmark was your only choice.”

Ye Shengges heart pounded, but she tried to look terrified.

“Shiting, you really misunderstood me…”

“I have to praise you.” The mans eyes were deep, and his voice was hoarse.

“If you hadnt figured out everyones personality and weaknesses, your plan wouldnt have gone so smoothly.”

Ye Shengges eyelashes fluttered, and she puffed her cheeks without saying anything.

“Unfortunately.” Ji Shiting stroked her right cheek and chuckled.

“I wont let you get what you want.”

Ye Shengges heart sank.

That man wouldnt give in easily.

Grandpa Ji might be the only person who could pressure him, but if Ji Shiting didnt care, there was nothing she could do.

“Are you disappointed” Ji Shiting smiled and stared at her rapidly rolling eyes.

This was how ordinary people behaved in times of crisis.

He was really curious about how that woman would react.

In the next second, Ye Shengge pushed his hand away and glared at him.

“Ji Shiting, youre too much! Its fine if you dont want me to get pregnant, but Ill just let grandpa deal with me! But why do you think Im so scheming Xie Siqi is the one behind this, yet you suspect me!”

The womans response was beyond his expectations, and Ji Shiting was even more intrigued.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Does that mean you didnt know anything before you came to the manor today”

Ye Shengge nodded and criticized him, “So Xie Siqi is so smart in your eyes So it can only be me who schemed against her, and that she miscalculated If that is the case, why dont you just marry her!”

Her eyes turned red as she said, “You hurt me so much.

I want to sleep in separate rooms tonight!”

She then ran out of the bedroom and locked the door.

Ye Shengge leaned against the door and slid to the ground, her heart still beating fast.

All the anger and grievances on her face disappeared, leaving only a bitter smile.

That man was too smart.

She was overestimating herself by playing tricks with him.

Ye Shengge had no choice but to play the blame game.

Her plan could fail, but she couldnt let Ji Shiting think she was scheming.

Otherwise, he would hate her, just like how he hated Xie Siqi.

She sat on the ground for a while and felt that she had regained her strength.

She then got up and sat down at the desk.

However, she felt more and more uneasy.

She didnt know what Ji Shiting was thinking.

Was he angry Was he… disappointed in her


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