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Chapter 443: The Company Can Do Fine Without You Around

“What bull!” Grandpa Ji hadnt expected his grandson to screw up.

He put the cup on the desk and said, “Call Shiting, Old Jin!”

“Grandpa, Shiting will blame me.” Ye Shengge was a bit panicked.

“Dont question him yet.”

Grandpa Ji thought for a bit and nodded, “Thats true.

Old Jin, call Sister Xiu.”

Uncle Jin nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ye Shengges eyes glinted.

Sister Xiu was in charge of tidying up the master bedroom, so there were some things that couldnt be hidden from her.

However, Sister Xiu knew her limits and wouldnt tell Grandpa Ji.

However, since Grandpa Ji already knew, Sister Xiu wouldnt hide it.

Uncle Jin finished his phone call and nodded at his grandpa, indicating that it was true.

Grandpa Ji was furious.

“That brat! Hes been coaxing me! Does he think Im a fool”

“Grandpa, Shiting doesnt seem like such an insensible person.” Xu Shaoqing frowned.

“Are you accusing him”

Xu Shaoqing then shot Ye Shengge a cold glance.

In his mother-in-laws heart, a son couldnt be wrong.

The one at fault was his wife.

Xie Siqi clenched her fists.

She realized that she had been tricked by that woman.

“Dont speak up for him.

When has that kid ever been sensible” Grandpa Ji was furious.

“Old Jin, call that brat over.

Lets see if he dares to deny it this time!”

Half an hour later, Ji Shiting arrived at the manor.

During this period, Grandpa Ji kept talking about Ji Shitings past, and Xu Shaoqing couldnt stop him.

He could only look at Ye Shengge coldly.

Xie Siqis eyes dimmed.

Ye Shengge pretended to be terrified.

When she saw Ji Shiting, she rushed to him and said, “Shiting, youre here.”

Ji Shiting had figured out what had happened on the way, so his pupils contracted when he saw her eyes redden.

The man hugged her and comforted her, “Im here, okay”

Ye Shengge felt guilty upon hearing his deep and gentle voice, but she didnt dare let Ji Shiting see it.

She could only nod in his embrace.

“Come here, brat!” Grandpa Ji yelled.

Ji Shiting let go of Ye Shengge and walked to Grandpa Ji.

He loosened his collar and said, “Grandpa.”

“Im asking you, what do you want” Grandpa sneered.

“Why dont you want a child Are you trying to anger me to death”

Ji Shiting didnt try to defend himself.

He just raised an eyebrow and said, “Its not the time yet.”

“Really” Grandpa Ji stared at him.

“The company is so busy that you dont even have time to give birth In that case, why dont you take a year off The company can still do fine without you around!”

“No!” Xu Shaoqing was anxious.

“Grandpa, you only have Shiting as your grandson.

Who else can you give the company to if not him Youre already old… Shiting, say something.

Is it about that woman Dont hide it from her!”

Ye Shengge was also shocked.

She hadnt expected her grandpa to be so decisive!

It seemed that Grandpa Ji was more obsessed with the Ji familys next generation than she had thought.

“Its all my fault, grandpa!”


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