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Chapter 44: Overestimated His Self-Control

“Do you want it” He looked at her forehead, saying seductively.

Ye Shengges face was still blushing as she tried to avoid looking at his face, but then she nodded.

Ji Shiting snorted, let her go, leaned against the chair and said, “Then ride me.”

Ye Shengge was dazed, “What”

“Dont you understand” The man looked very solemn, and his voice was husky.

He unbuttoned himself and said, “Take off my clothes and ride me.”

Ye Shengge was nervous.

Shed exhausted her courage just to say yes to having sex with him again, but now he was asking her to be the dominant one

She took a look at his size and looked horrified.

She would be in agony if she actually rode him.

And besides, she had no idea how to do that!

“Ji Shiting…” She called his name again, almost sounding like she was begging.

She then put her hands on his chest, trying to get him to take control again.

However, Ji Shiting immediately saw through her, so he grabbed her hands.

“Didnt you say you wanted to be my woman My woman needs to know how to please me.” He glanced at her, curling his lips.

Ye Shengge was pissed.

So she would ride him!

She swallowed some saliva again, reaching to his belt, however, she couldnt ignore how big those mans genitals were as she took off the belt.

Ye Shengge wanted to cry again as she recalled the pain, and her hands shook again.

Ji Shiting couldnt have felt hornier seeing how awkward she looked.

Damn it!

It wasnt his original plan to sleep with her here, and he only wanted to teach her a lesson seeing how timid she actually was, even though she talked a lot.

Yet hed overestimated his self-control.

His muscles couldnt have been tenser.

He wheezed, lost control and grabbed her moving arms.

He then picked her up, held her against the giant desk, sweeping away everything on the desk.

“Ah!” Ye Shengge was horrified and couldnt help screaming.

Ji Shiting pouted, lifted her dress using his hand, but then, the company phone rang.

He looked a bit impatient, hung up the phone using one hand, and put his hand back on the womans thigh.

As he was about to bend over, the company phone rang again.

He stopped, panting while staring at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge was still muddled, and her hands were raised above her head, gasping with her eyes closed as if she didnt want to see what was going to happen.

Ji Shiting exhaled, and his handsome face was filled with desire, repressed but sexy.

He hadnt realized this was his office until now, and he had almost had sex with that woman in the office, which felt highly unprofessional to him.

What kind of magic did this woman have

His desire was finally tamed.

He picked up the phone and answered, “Speak.”

“Boss… Boss…” Sun Yes voice was trembling.

“Chairman said to meet you in the restaurant in ten.”


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