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Chapter 439: Im Afraid Youll Feel Sorry If I Torture Her Too Much

Xie Siqi was dazed.

She hadnt expected her to make such a rude request.

She pursed her lips and looked at Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Shengge, we dont take what others like.

Thats what Ms.

Xie likes first.”

“I know, but I just like it.” Ye Shengge decided to maintain her arrogant, rude, and willful image.

“Shiting, thats what I want.”

The wordI disgusted her.

However, Ji Shiting seemed to be adapting well.

He looked at her and smiled, “I dont know what to do with you.”

He then looked at Xie Siqi and said, “Ms.

Xie, Shengge likes this bag a lot.

Can you give it to her”

Xie Siqi hadnt expected Ji Shiting to indulge Ye Shengge so much!

She was furious and resentful, and her beautiful face was twisted.

“But Shiting…” She forced a smile.” Isnt that inappropriate ”

“Ah, Sister Xie.” Ye Shengge waved her hand impatiently.

“Just give it to me! Youve always been the most generous.

Cant you even let me have a bag”

That was shameless.

Xie Siqis face was pale.

She glared at Ye Shengge as if she wanted to burn a hole in her body.

Ji Shiting said, “Forget it if you dont want to.”

“Wait.” Xie Siqi swallowed the blood in her heart and forced a smile.

“Since Shengge likes it, Ill give it to her.”

“Sister Xie, youre the best!” Ye Shengge was thrilled.

“Did you hear that Wrap it up for me.”

“Ill swipe my card, okay” Ji Shiting leaned over and said.

Ye Shengge felt her ears burning.

He was so cooperative today that it was beyond her expectations!

She nodded shyly.

Xie Siqi was furious upon seeing this.

Ji Shiting actually thought she was a treasure

Ye Shengge smiled back at her.

Xie Siqi had always been pretending to be a rich girl, so even if Ye Shengges request was so rude, Xie Siqi would still fulfill it.

Otherwise, how could she show how sensible and responsible she was

She was a socialite who was praised by the rich ladies.

Since her reputation had been tarnished, she would swallow her grievances.

Ye Shengge didnt mind bullying Xie Siqi with Ji Shiting.

After all, she didnt know what that woman was hiding.

Ji Shiting swiped his card and hugged her waist.

“What else do you want”

“Enough!” Ye Shengge lifted her chin and said.

“Lets go back.

Goodbye, Sister Xie.”

She smiled and waved at Xie Siqi, receiving a stiff smile from her.

After walking out, Ji Shiting stroked her face and chuckled, “Good acting skills, huh”

“Not at all.” Ye Shengge was humble.

“You cooperated well!”

“You seem to hate her a lot” Ji Shiting thought for a bit.

“Compared to that, you still have some reservations about Ling Yutong.”

Ye Shengge said sourly, “Ms.

Ling is your ex-lover after all.

Im afraid youll feel sorry if I abuse her too much.”


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