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Chapter 430: Special Treatment

She had thought that the man was Ji Shiting, so she had beautified everything that night, but now, she wanted to forget everything!

Ji Shiting didnt force her.

He smiled and said, “Ill send you a copy of the evidence once I have the results.

You can decide what to do then.”

Ling Yutong suddenly felt ridiculous seeing how calm the man was.

After returning to Yang City, she had met that man several times, and his attitude was already enough to explain the problem.

However, she didnt want to think too much about it.

She would rather think that he refused to acknowledge Little Zheng because of Ye Shengge.

But it turned out that Little Zheng had nothing to do with him.

For a moment, she didnt even know whether it was bad news or not.

She found it hard to accept at first, but… she was relieved to a certain extent.

Her destiny with that man had been exhausted.

She had had to put down her dignity and beg him because of Little Zheng, but now… she should be able to let it go completely, right

“Everyone thinks Little Zheng is your son.” Ling Yutong bit his lips and smiled.

“Do you need me to clarify it for you”

“Theres no point in clarifying,” Ji Shiting said.

“Just try not to bring Little Zheng to the banquet.”

Ling Yutong nodded.

“Goodbye.” The man looked at her one last time.

“Wait.” Ling Yutong couldnt help stopping him.

“Shiting, I have one last question for you.”

Ji Shiting looked at her.

Ling Yutong looked into his dark eyes and suddenly recalled a long time ago.

She had followed her parents to the Ji familys old manor when she was six or seven.

Ji Shiting was only a teenager at that time, but his beautiful facial features were already starting to show.

He seemed to have been forced to meet guests at Grandpa Jis request, so he didnt say a word except for the necessary greetings.

He didnt look up until her parents and grandpa talked about the resort they often went to.

From then on, the Ji family and the Xie family became friends.

She and Ji Shiting would meet a couple of times a year.

Although the young man at that time was reserved and didnt like to talk, he never neglected her.

She then realized that she was the only girl who could get close to him.

This special treatment had once made her heart pound, but even so, he didnt have much passion for her.

It seemed logical between them, but… there was something missing.

That pair of dark eyes that had once made her infatuated had always been too calm.

Back then, she had done something wrong due to her hot-headedness, and it was because of that calmness.

She wanted to do something for him so that he could look at her with more emotions.

“Shiting, back then…” She said.” Did you ever love me ”

This question made Ji Shitings eyes ripple.

This made Ling Yutong hopeful.

However, two seconds later, she heard the man say, “No.”

Ling Yutongs eyelashes trembled.

She had been prepared for this answer.

“At least, I did want to spend the rest of my life with you when I proposed to you,” the man added calmly.

Ling Yutong found it amusing, so he asked, “What about Ye Shengge Do you love her”


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