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Chapter 43: Dont Force Yourself If You Dont Like It

Ji Shiting couldnt help chuckling as he looked at her red eyes and messy face after being kissed and touched aggressively.

He touched her cheeks and breathed at her face, “You want me to stop”

Ye Shengge nodded, but then, she shook her head,

He sneered again, seeing how conflicted she was.

“Are you afraid” He held her butt, moved it up a bit and pressed against her thighs.

“How about this”

“Ah!” Ye Shengge screamed trying to get away, but her body was completely controlled by that man.

Because of her shaking body, the mans genitals were stimulated, moving a bit, which terrified her.

“Ji… Ji Shiting…” She finally surrendered, saying with a trembling voice.

“Your grandpa said… He said hes going to have lunch with you…”

Ji Shiting took a breath, and his voice was husky, “Its still early.”

“Not early…” Ye Shengges voice trembled.

“You said you wanted to be my woman, and that youd be here any time I want, didnt you” He mumbled, and his larynx moved again.

He wasnt feeling well either.

His sexual desire was burning, but the woman recoiled at this time.

Which wasnt surprising at all.

Ye Shengges face tensed.

Her hands were on the mans shoulders.

After a long while, she looked up and said, “Give… Give me more time…”

“Huh.” Ji Shiting smiled contemptuously.

“Dont force yourself if you dont want to.

I dont have that much time to play around.”

Ye Shengge felt ashamed.

It was she who had tried to sleep with him, yet it was also her who was flinching at this moment.

She couldnt reject him this time, otherwise he would never talk to her again.

Ye Shengge summoned her courage and kissed him passionately on the lips.

She immediately moved away after the kiss as it had drained her of all her courage, and then, she sneaked a peak at him.

Ji Shiting curved his lips, looking disdainful.

He didnt want to play games with her anymore.

He grabbed her collar, unbuttoned it, and kissed her collarbone.

“Shush…” The woman in his arms took a deep breath as she grabbed his shoulders tighter.

Ji Shiting moved his mouth along her collarbone, and then, he swept across her long neck and burning ears.

He kissed her smoothly and slowly, which made them look intimate.

Ye Shengge couldnt handle it anymore.

She gasped and held his shoulders tighter, moving her breasts closer to him.

The tumbling desire spread across her body like wild fire, and she tore up again.

Ji Shiting could feel that her body got softer.

He pinched her waist and kissed her breasts.

“Ji Shiting…” The woman wrapped her shoulders around his neck, saying his name with a crying voice.

She sounded like she was in pain, but also craving more.

The man took a deep breath, looked up and kissed her lips again, and the woman licked her lips as he released her.


Ji Shiting looked at her blushing face, knowing that the woman had been completely turned on.


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