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Chapter 41: I Want to Be Alone

Ye Shengge didnt understand why that man had become completely turned on right after she had raised her head.

She saw it erected, making his pants look like a small tent.

She couldnt help breathing hard.

Although shed slept with that guy twice, it was the first time she had seen this view.

She was shocked, embarrassed and curious, but she couldnt stop looking at it.

Ye Shengge swallowed her saliva as she felt as though her body was burning.

Her face was so heated that the heat from it could have reheated food.

She smelled the hormones coming out of the man, which made her want him even more, and her mouth went completely dry.

“Grandpa,” Ji Shiting said with his deep voice, trying to quench his urge.

“I understand what you said.”

Grandpa Ji could hear that his tone was different.

He didnt know whether what he had said had finally touched his heart or not, which made him sadder.

“Please consider what I said, Shiting.”

“I will, grandpa.

Please rest assured.” Ji Shiting took a breath slowly.

“If I meet someone I love, Ill definitely bring her to you.”

“Okay! Okay!” Grandpa clapped his hands with excitement.

“Thats all I wanted to hear.”

“I want to be alone, grandpa,” said Ji Shiting while he closed his eyes, shaking his eyelashes.

Grandpa Ji could hear his voice trembling, dazed.

His grandpa was always distant and aloof, and this was the first time he had seen Ji Shiting so fragile.

Grandpa felt bizarre, but since Ji Shiting was being so agreeable today, which was rare, he didnt ask any further questions, satisfied that he had finally knocked some sense into his grandson.

“Okay.” His grandpa stood up.

“Ill stay in the meeting room for a bit, and we can have lunch together later.”

“Okay, grandpa.

Ill see you later.” Ji Shiting put his hands on his forehead, not wanting to see him away.

Grandpa Ji didnt overthink things, just stood up and walked out of the office.

He took a look at Ji Shitings moving larynx before he left, and he got more curious.

“What happened today…” He mumbled while closing the door.

Sun Ye had just finished putting together the report and gave it to Uncle Jing outside the office.

“Chairman,” Sun Ye immediately greeted him.

“Did something special happen to Shiting lately” Grandpa Ji couldnt help asking.

Sun Ye had a lot to say as the woman was in the office.

However, he couldnt admit it.

He smiled and said, “President is a bit busy these days, but nothing else.”

“Huh.” Grandpa Ji didnt say anything further.

“Take me to the meeting room.

Ill take a look at the report.”

“Sure thing, please follow me this way.”

Uncle Jing helped Grandpa Ji walk at the back while Sun Ye was leading the way.

However, Sun Ye couldnt help wondering why Grandpa Ji hadnt seen Miss Ye.

The office was pretty minimalistic.

He had no idea where Miss Ye could have been hiding.

Ji Shiting stayed still after his grandpa left.

However, Ye Shengge was relieved and climbed out, shaking.

She couldnt stay here anymore.

It was too dangerous!

She forgot all about sleeping with the man, and all she felt just then was shame.

Just as she climbed out, the man grabbed her waist and put her in his lap.

“Ah!” Ye Shnegge screamed, and the next second, the man kissed her with his burning lips.


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