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Chapter 384: Little Woman in Love

Ye Shengge looked at the mans dark eyes and said, “Your punishment is to never abandon me in this lifetime, okay”

Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

He took a deep breath and said, “This isnt punishment.

Why do you think Ill let you go to another gigolo”

Ye Shengge blinked and suddenly felt her eyes tearing up.

“Ji Shiting, why are you so good to me” She asked.

“Im good to you” He curled his lips.

“I can only say that youre too easily satisfied.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.


would you have treated Ling Yutong better if you married her” She couldnt help asking.

“No.” The man stroked her chin and said calmly.

“I wouldnt have married her.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“I mean, if you hadnt separated because of the misunderstanding…”

“That wont happen either.” He said firmly.

“Although I was engaged to her, it was just an engagement.

To me, marriage with her was just a plan on the agenda, but I dont have any expectations nor imagined it happening.

So, it was more likely that Ill drag it out.”

Ye Shengges heart pounded, and she stammered, “Then… Did you look forward to marrying me”

The man didnt seem surprised by her question.

He looked at her and nodded.


Ye Shengge felt a rush of warmth, but soon, she understood something from the mans smiling eyes.

“Because… Because I lived well” She sounded dry.

The man chuckled again and kissed her lips.

“More just that.”

“Then… What else was there” She didnt know why, but she was obsessed with that question.

“Ye Shengge.” The man called her name.

“Ive never planned to let you go since the day we got married.

No matter what happens.”

Ye Shengge felt as if something had hit her heart, and her eyes were burning.

“You… You didnt want to marry me back then,” she stammered.

“But since Ive married you, youre mine.” The man stared at her and said lazily.

“Havent you realized that”

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks… She had already felt how possessive he was.

But was it just possessiveness

“Stop overthinking.” He put his hand into her hair and chuckled.

“Your menstrual syndrome is interesting.”

Ye Shengge buried her face in his chest and grunted.

Ji Shiting smiled again.

Tonight, she was like a woman in love, asking him for promises.

He suddenly realized that he might have occupied a very important position in her heart, but that woman didnt want to admit it.

He then kissed her eyes and said, “Are you still angry”

“Im not mad anymore.” She looked up, and all her dejection was gone.

“I wont leave you either.”

She thought to herself that she didnt care about the consequences of removing the birthmark as long as it didnt hurt him.

She wanted to be with that man and give birth to his child.


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