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Chapter 359: Shiting Is Really Mesmerized By Her

“If… If it werent for that, Shiting and I wouldve been married!” Ling Yutongs voice was filled with pain as she glared at her.

“Ive known him for almost twenty years! And you say Im the third party Ha…”

“So what if youve known each other for a long time” Ye Shengge sneered.

“You two havent gotten together yet, which means the two of you werent fated.”

Ling Yutong clenched her fist.

No, she wasnt the third party.

She, Shiting, and Little Zheng would definitely change their attitude if Shiting was certain that Little Zheng was her son.

Grandpa Ji and Ji Shitings mother would support her.

She tried to calm herself down and said, “Whatever you say.”

Ye Shengge stopped talking seeing how stubborn she was.

Although the third party was despicable, the real despicable one was the man who couldnt control himself.

Therefore, as long as Ji Shiting didnt meet her again, Ling Yutong wouldnt be able to do anything.

If Ji Shiting continued to meet her… All that Ye Shengge said now would be meaningless.

She smiled and walked to Ji Shiting, hugged his arm and said, “Lets go.”

She needed to maintain her act until the end.

Ji Shiting pinched her face and smiled affectionately.

Ling Yutong could see everything clearly, and her heart ached, especially when Ji Shiting didnt even look at her when he left.

As Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge, they saw Xu Shaoqing standing at the door, waiting for them.

They didnt know whether she had heard the argument between Ye Shengge and Ling Yutong.

But so what if she did

Ye Shengge was still furious.

If Xu Shaoqing were to be rude to her, she couldnt guarantee what she would say.

Thus, Ye Shengge looked down and pretended not to see her.

“Mom,” Ji Shiting called out.

He then glanced at the woman beside him.

It seemed that Xu Shaoqing was the reason Ye Shengge was here.

“Shiting.” Xu Shaoqing smiled.

“Wheres Yutong Are you leaving her in there alone”

“Is there a problem” Ji Shiting looked at her emotionlessly.

Xu Shaoqing smiled bitterly and said, “I thought…”

“Dont interfere with my business,” Ji Shiting interrupted her coldly.

“Ill leave with Shengge first.”

Xu Shaoqing moved his lips and wanted to say something, but soon, they disappeared into the hallway.

In the room, Ling Yutong stared at the spot where Ji Shiting had been sitting, and her vision blurred up with tears.

All her many years of expectations and desires were completely crushed today.

“Yutong.” A sigh came from behind.

Ling Yutong turned around and smiled, “You saw everything.”

Xie Siqi nodded and said, “I didnt expect Shiting to be mesmerized by her.”

“I wouldnt have come back if you hadnt told me.” Ling Yutong took a deep breath.

“I didnt have much hope, but I didnt expect him to not even acknowledge Little Zheng.”

He cant acknowledge it.

If he does so, that woman wont let it go.” Xie Siqi said with a malicious look in her eyes.

“As you can see, shes not someone to be trifled with.”


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