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“The problem is, I need more money,” said Ye Shengge.

“Star Brilliances total value is adequate in general.

If I sell my shares, I can get twenty million dollars, but its not enough to join T.S.


Shang Tianyi said while putting a facial mask on, “Sounds like you have a plan already”

“Humph.” Ye Shengge sneered.

Ye Siyan dared to conspire against her, which left her no choice but to take revenge.


After plotting the next plan, Ye Shengge rushed back to Yes apartment.

She didnt know why so many people were standing against him.

Neither Ye Wenhua nor Li Wenqin were at home, and Ye Shengge was talking on her phone when she walked in.


“You told me youd sign me.”

“What You failed Its because your people are useless! I switched her medicine as you told me.”

“Drop dead!”

Ye Siyan hung up the phone, pissed.

She jumped up from the sofa seeing Ye Shengge walk in.

She was shocked, “How did you get in”

“I have a key.” Ye Shengge blinked and said.

“This used to be my home, Ye Siyan.

Did you forget about that You and your parents have been relying on my money, and you dared scheme against me”

Ye Siyan got nervous, but she still kept her head up, “I dont know what you were talking about!”

“I always have dinner plans, and only Mu Xiaoya knows that I always take a pill before dinner,” said Ye Shengge.

“Which is why she told you.

It was to give you a chance to swap my pills.

I reckon you were the one who convinced your parents to let me have dinner with you that day.”

Otherwise, Ye Wenhua and Li Wenqin would never have contacted her.

Ye Siyan was speechless, but she was so spoiled that she yelled, “Yes! It was me! Whatre going to do, huh”

“I came here to thank you, because I got what I wanted thanks to you.” Ye Shengge sat down across from her.

“Youve been wanting to join Star Brilliance, havent you I can fulfill your dream now, and Ill make sure you can be a bigger star than Mu Xiaoya.”

“Really” Ye Siyans eyes gleamed.

“Are you kidding me”

“Why would I do that” Ye Shengge smiled sincerely.

“I even brought the contract, and you can give it to my uncle and auntie.”

“No, no.

We cant let them know.” Ye Siyan stared at the contract with her blazing eyes.

“They dont want me to enter the entertainment world.

Ill read it myself.”

Ye Shengge smiled and gave her the contract.

Ye Siyan couldnt wait to open it, and she jumped with excitement upon seeing shed been guaranteed three shows every year.

“After I enter the entertainment world, Mu Xiaoya will have no place.

Shes nothing but a fraud!” She grabbed a pen.

“Ill sign it now, cousin.”

“Arent you going to read it through again” Ye Shengge reminded her.

“No need!” Ye Siyan said impatiently.

It wasnt because she trusted Ye Shengge, but she was so arrogant that shed never thought that Ye Shengge would trick her.

After all, all she could remember was the bullying this cousin of hers.

She immediately wrote down her name and asked, “Whats my first show”


“Dont worry.

Give me back the contract first.

Therere some errands to run in the company.” Ye Shengge took back the contract, beaming.


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