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Chapter 313: Lets Meet Tomorrow Night

Ji Shiting swallowed hard, turned around and said, “Go to sleep if you have to get up early.”

Ye Shengge was stunned.

She realized that she had pissed him off again, but… Why

She immediately jumped into his embrace and said, “Whats wrong”

Ji Shiting was trying to calm his breathing and ignored her.

Ye Shengge felt aggrieved.

She drew circles on his chest with her index finger.

Logically speaking, she couldnt find anything wrong.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and grabbed her hand, “Stop it.”

“But youre mad again.”

What did she mean byagain The word sounded harsh.

Ji Shiting shot her a glance and said, “Didnt you ask me to control myself Since you dont want me to have fun, lets talk about it after you have rested.”

Ye Shengge thought for a bit and said, “I told Director Xu that I wont have to be on set the day after tomorrow.

Then… shall we arrange to meet tomorrow night”

Her eyes lit up.

Ji Shiting looked at her and his heart softened.

Compared to before, this woman had progressed a lot, and he even believed that she loved him.

However, it wasnt enough.

He felt like an insatiable hunter.

Just catching the prey wasnt enough.

He wanted the prey to willingly fall into the trap he had set.

When prey really fell into the trap, he wanted the prey to cook itself and present itself to him.

When exactly would he ever be satisfied

Even he didnt know the answer.

Ji Shiting thought about this to himself.

Ji Shiting stared at her soft black eyes, grabbed the back of her head, lifted his chin and kissed her ear.

Ye Shengge shivered and said, “Dont… Dont, dont!”

Ji Shiting bit her earlobe again, and he was satisfied hearing her cry out in pain.

“Go to sleep.” The mans deep voice finally sounded gentler.

The next day, Ye Shengge arrived at the set early.

Fortunately, most of the crew didnt know that she was on the ill-fated cruise ship two days ago.

After she met Qin Youhui, the two of them swapped their escape stories.

Both of them had been very fortunate to escape.

However, Qin Youhui was slightly more respectful than before, probably because he knew that her sugar daddy was Ji Shiting…

She returned to the makeup room and was welcomed by Lin Qi.

If she hadnt called that girl last night, her assistants reaction wouldve been much more exaggerated.

“Sister Shengge, I didnt even have time to tell you last night.

It looks like Mu Xiaoya is doomed!” Lin Qi said smugly.

“She lied to the netizens and was scolded badly.

Many endorsements have been withdrawn, and she needs to pay for them! Humph! However, Chen Anzhi hasnt changed the lead actress yet… How infuriating.

Ive decided to boycott his new movie!”

Ye Shengge pondered for a bit.

Previously, Xiao Ruilang had promoted Mu Xiaoya to compete with her.

Was he going to continue supporting Mu Xiaoya after this whole cruise fiasco

However, Ye Shengge didnt dwell on it.

She poked Lin Qis face and said, “I heard myson is here.

Where is he”

“Thats right! That kid is called Little Zheng!” Lin Qis eyes shone.

“I saw him across the hall just now.

That kid is so beautiful and adorable! My heart melted!”

Ye Shengge was intrigued.

After she finished her makeup and walked out, she saw a boy around three or four years old beside Xu Xiangjie.


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