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Chapter 297: My Target Has Always Been You

Ji Shiting stared at his twisted face and unreadable eyes.

“Youre his own son,” Ji Shiting said slowly.

“Im certain of that.”

“Yes, Im his biological son.” Xiao Ruilang nodded.

“Otherwise, I wouldve been killed by him.

However, its true that your father, Ji Ziliang, seduced my birth mother.

The old man restrained himself.

My birth mother wasseriously ill for many years, but she died in the end.

As for your father… Heh, you know how it ends.”

“Wheres the evidence” Ji Shiting looked at him coldly.

“Evidence…” Xiao Ruilang suddenly stopped being crazy and smiled.” Youll see it soon.

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed.

He gazed at the night scenery of Yang City, then at the calm sea.

But… was it really calm

His heart sank as he tried to verify his thoughts.

The vibration wasnt loud, and perhaps the people in the banquet hall didnt notice it at all, but Ji Shitings expression changed.

“Youre crazy indeed!” He turned around and strode downstairs.

Xiao Ruilang laughed heartily, but Ji Shiting couldnt care less.

He started to make phone calls, and after making a few calls, he walked into the banquet hall.

He looked around, but he didnt see Ye Shengge.

Instead, Yu Shuhang saw him and walked over.

“Where have you been, Shiting”

“Did you see Shengge” Ji Shiting asked.

“Huh” Qiao Yanze was dazed.

“Sister-in-law Shes here too”

Ji Shitings heart sank.

“Xiao Cheng is probably unconscious now.

He might be dead, and the cruise might encounter trouble.” Ji Shiting spoke quickly, but every word he said was powerful.

“Ive called a couple of times, but the rescuers wont arrive anytime soon.

Go find Yanze and get the crew to lower the lifeboats.

Evacuate the crowd as much as possible.


Yu Shuhangs face paled.

“How can someone perfectly fine moments ago…”

“Trust me!” Ji Shiting said.

He turned around to look for Ye Shengge, but she was nowhere to be seen in the crowd.

Ji Shiting frowned, suddenly thinking of something and heading back up to the deck.

At the bow of the boat, the womans dress fluttered in the wind.

Her hands were being restrained, and half of her body was already beyond the railings.

It was as if she would be pushed into the sea with a gentle push.

Ji Shiting felt his blood surge to his brain before flowing back and leaving it cold.

He swallowed hard as he strode to the bow of the ship, and he said, “Let her go.”

Ye Shengge teared up the moment she saw him, but she pursed her lips and didnt say a word.

Xiao Ruilang smiled and said, “You know what, Brother Shiting Ive been looking for you all these years.

Youre self-disciplined, not lecherous, and not addicted to alcohol.

You dont have any bad habits that most men have.

You dont have many people whom you deem important.

Grandpa Ji is one but that old man is as slippery as an eel.

I couldnt find a chance to attack him.

But, that was until this woman appeared beside you.

I pretended to be interested in her, but my target has always been you.”


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