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Chapter 294: The Best Man

Ye Shengge felt both angry and guilty when she recalled how that man had seen her melancholic face.

He must surely be very smug.

He must be feeling really pleased with himself.

“…I was just feeling sorry for Fourth Young Master Qiao.” Ye Shengge looked up at the stars and sighed.

“I heard that the bride tonight is his ex-girlfriend.

He must be feeling terrible.”

Ji Shiting lips curled up seeing how serious she was.

“Stop pretending.”

“Its fine if you dont believe me.” Ye Shengge continued staring at the sky.

Ji Shiting pinched her face and put her on the ground.

“Lets head back.

The wind on deck is really strong.”

In the banquet hall, Old Master Xiao had finished dealing with the guests and finished the opening dance with Li Yinian.

He had asked his young wife and son to stay behind to entertain the guests.

The atmosphere in the banquet hall became more lively after Old Master Xiao left.

Everyone danced, drank, and congratulated each other.

Li Yinian was still sitting in her seat, and she welcomed every guest with an impeccable smile.

Qiao Yanze walked forward with his partner.


Xiao.” The mans voice was provocative.

“Its been a long time since we last met, but youre still as glamorous as ever.”

Li Yinians perfect smile cracked a bit when she saw him, but she quickly hid that awkwardness.

“Its all thanks to you.” She said, revealing her teeth in a beautiful smile.

“Fourth Young Master Qiao is still as flirtatious as ever.”

Qiao Yanze stared at the womans beautiful face and felt as if a knife had just stabbed through his heart.

He had imagined the scene of him reuniting with this woman countless times.

He had also imagined how dejected she would be at the wedding.

However, he never expected that this woman would be completely fine, nor did he imagined that she would seem like a woman immersed in happiness.

When Xiao Cheng left, she had helped him adjust his collar and smiled at that old man.

She didnt seem unwilling or reluctant at all.

“Still as flirtatious as ever…” He sneered.” Seems like youre paying close attention to me.

“Not at all.” Li Yinian smiled innocently.

“Theres just too much news about you, Fourth Young Master Qiao.

I happen to know of it even if I dont wish to.”

The womans bright smile turned Qiao Yanzes eyes bloodshot.

That woman always had a dignified and elegant appearance.

She was used to pretending to be innocent, but in reality…

Qiao Yanze cursed in his heart, but he couldnt find anything bad to say.

He stared at her face greedily.

The last time he had seen her smile was more than a year ago.

Now that he thought about it, it felt like a lifetime had passed.

He gulped and smiled, “Why did Old Master Xiao leave you here alone Indeed, one gets more useless as they become old.”

He purposely dragged the last word and stared at the woman in front of him.

His partner, Su Qinxue, had been watching this whole exchange.

She chuckled and looked at Li Yinian with contempt and pity.

“Youre overthinking, Fourth Young Master Qiao.” Li Yinian understood what he was implying, but she didnt mind it at all.

Instead, she smiled sweetly.

“Old Xiao might look old, but hes the best man Ive ever met.”

Qiao Yanze was livid.

Xiao Cheng was the best, but what about him


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