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Chapter 287: I Asked You To Come Over

Ye Shengge was on high alert and pretended she wasnt familiar with him.

She was prepared to slip away at any time.

Ji Shiting suddenly smiled, probably because he was at the extremes of fury.

He unbuttoned his diamond cufflinks slowly and stared at her.

“Come here.”

Ye Shengge felt numb under his gaze.

She kept telling herself to hang in there, forcing a smile and saying, “Sorry, my partner is still waiting for me…”

“I asked you to come over.” Ji Shiting interrupted her mercilessly.

The wordpartner made him frown, and his eyes darkened.

Ye Shengge felt herself breaking out in sweat even more profusely.

However, when she saw Xie Siqi behind the man, she was firm once more.

“Theres no need to, Mr.

Ji.” She forced a smile.

“You can just tell whatever it is to me directly.

I dont want my partner to misunderstand.”

Ji Shitings pupils contracted as soon as she said that.

He pursed his lips and sneered.

The people around the man couldnt help shivering.


Xu had already disappeared, but Xiao Ruilang was still there, watching the show.

“Are you afraid your partner will misunderstand” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Thats right,” Ye Shengge said as she started to retreat.

“Anyway, thank you for your help…”

Her heart pounded as she apologized inwardly to Qin Youhui who was taking a bullet for her.

Ye Shengge didnt know where she got the courage to reject or even provoke that man.

She knew that doing so would anger her, and it wouldnt do her any good.

She knew that doing so would only show Xiao Ruilang and Xie Siqi, but… she couldnt help it.

It was as if everything she had done to Ji Shiting, including apologizing over and over had gone out of control and exploded at that moment.

Even if they werent on the same level, she didnt want her to be the one giving in every time.

Why was it that he could bring Xie Siqi to the wedding banquet without informing her, and her showing up here seemed like a tremendous mistake

Ye Shengge felt her eyes tearing up at that thought.

Ji Shiting saw that she was trying to draw a line between them, so he clenched his jaw and walked toward her.

Ye Shengge took a few steps back as she saw what he was doing, but she soon realized that she had been overthinking.

Xie Siqi grabbed the mans arm and said, “Shiting, the wedding is about to begin.

Lets talk after the wedding.”

However, Ji Shiting pushed her away coldly and said, “Get lost.” Xie Siqis face turned pale.

In a sense, Ji Shitings name was almost legendary in Yang City.

He rarely participated in social events, and most people had never interacted with him except those who were in charge of his business.

Rumor had it that the man was rich and powerful, aloof and unapproachable.

He was also clean and honest, which was why all the socialites wanted to marry him.

However, on this day, he personally destroyed all rumors about himself.


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