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Chapter 266: About

This was an award-winning movie after all.

Although the sex scene was explicit, it wasnt as obvious as an adult movie.

At least, it wasnt disgusting.

Ye Shengge was a fan of Chen Anzhi, so she had watched the movie more than once.

To be honest, she liked the sex scene, but she hadnt expected to watch it with Ji Shiting.

In the movie, the lead actress moaned, and Ye Shengge felt her body stiffen.

She tried to get out of his embrace, but Ji Shiting grabbed her and pressed his burning chest against hers.

She tensed up and swallowed hard.

“I… Ill turn it off.”

Ji Shiting grabbed her hand and hugged her waist with his other hand.

“This is an award-winning movie.

Ill watch it with you.”

His voice was hoarse, but his tone was calm.

Ye Shengge turned around and saw that the man was staring at the computer screen.

There was no expression on his handsome face.

If it werent for his dark eyes, she might have thought he was just enthralled by the movie.

“I dont want to watch this right now…”

“What position is this”

Ye Shengges struggle was interrupted by Ji Shitings calm question.

The man looked towards her.

He still looked calm, but the emotions in his eyes were terrifying.

“…Spinning needle,” Ye Shengge couldnt help saying.

“You know a lot.” The mans lips curved upwards and his eyes darkened.

“I… I saw it on the forum.” Ye Shengge tried to be calm.

“Quite some difficulty.” Ji Shiting looked at the screen again and chuckled.

“But it seems interesting.”

“No, I heard someone on the forum say that this position is useless.” Ye Shengge pretended to be calm and talked to him about the position as if they were discussing what to eat tonight.

“Well know whether its useful or not after we try,” Ji Shiting said.

He then put a finger to her face.

“Dont you agree”

Ye Shengge felt an indescribable shiver spreading from her spine to her entire body.

She didnt dare look at the screen, nor did she dare look the man in the eyes, so she stared at the ceiling and said, “Hehe, Im not that curious…”

Ji Shiting saw how terrified she was, and he lowered his head to kiss her earlobe.

“Ah!” She struggled like a startled rabbit, but it was completely useless.

“Are you prepared to act in a movie for your next project The mans deep and hoarse voice sounded in her ears along with his burning breath.

“How are you going to act if you dont remove your birthmark”

“No… Theres no rush.” Ye Shengge put her hands on his chest and tried to suppress the trembling in her voice.

“Im just a newcomer.

I reckon Ill have to wait untilXue Ning premieres before I can get a new contract.

Theres at least half a year left… so Im not in a hurry.

Heh heh.”

Ji Shiting saw her blushing face and swallowed hard.

He said, “No contract”

“…Thats right.” Ye Shengge smiled dryly and turned off the movie.


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