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Chapter 252: Youre Really Look Like Her

Ji Shiting gulped and took a while to calm himself down.

He said hoarsely, “Didnt you say you werent afraid”

Ye Shengge blushed and said, “I want to take a nap in my room.”

She then struggled.

However, Ji Shiting hugged her tighter and yelled, “Dont move!”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a moment, then she felt his reaction and froze.

She coughed awkwardly and looked to the side, only to see Sister Xiu standing in front of the doorway.

“Young Master, Young Madam,” Sister Xiu said.


Xie and Ms.

Xie are here.”



Ye Shengge immediately turned to look at Ji Shiting.

He frowned and said, “Ask them to wait in the living room.”

“Alright.” Sister Xiu left again.

Ye Shengge blinked and said, “Are you… done”

Ji Shiting gritted his teeth and said, “Done, get off.”

She hurriedly left his embrace.

Three minutes later.

Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting sat side by side on the sofa, and opposite them were Xu Shaoqing and Xie Siqi.

Although they had already greeted each other, Xu Shaoqing was still very excited as he kept sizing her up.

Ye Shengge was still holding the greeting gift Xu Shaoqing had given her, so she could only put her hands on her knees shyly.


Youre a good kid.” Xu Shaoqing was satisfied.

“Im really happy to see you get married, Shiting.”

“Did I say that, mom” Xie Siqi said affectionately.

“Shiting and sister-in-law are very close.”

Xu Shaoqing smiled.

Ji Shiting was as indifferent as ever.

He wasnt in a good mood after being interrupted by an unexpected guest.

“Why have you come here” He raised his eyebrows.

“I have something to trouble you with…” Xu Shaoqing looked at Ye Shengge hesitantly.

Ye Shengge was stunned.

Was she asking her to… avoid him

Before she could figure it out, Xie Siqi stood up and said, “Shengge, accompany me to the garden.”

Ye Shengge looked at Ji Shiting and stood up after he nodded.

Xie Siqi immediately grabbed her arm and led her to the garden.

She smiled and said, “I heard that the garden of Qianfan Villa is very beautiful.

Ive never seen it before.”

They left the living room for Xu Shaoqing and Ji Shiting.

However, Ye Shengge retracted her arm after walking into the garden.

She wasnt used to being so close to others.

Xie Siqi didnt mind.

She smiled and said, “We met at the Ji familys banquet.”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “Yes, Ms.


I remember you.”

“You dont have to be so formal with me.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“I knew Shiting would marry you the first time I saw you.

After all, you two are so alike.”

“What did you just say” Ye Shengge was surprised.

“Ah… You dont know yet” Xie Siqi was a bit embarrassed.

She covered her mouth and said, “I was being nosy.

I thought you knew.

Shiting had a fiancée called Ling Yutong, but she left after something happened.

You really look like her.”


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