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Chapter 240: Extravagant

Shang Tianyi almost burst out laughing.

It didnt matter.

Shengge had copied the videos anyway.

Mu Xiaoya could spend as much money as she wanted.

As expected, the director and Sister Lan exchanged meaningful looks upon hearing what Mu Xiaoya said.

After asking the first two questions on stage, Sister Lan realized that Mu Xiaoya wasnt the real Summer Wood, so she asked some guiding questions to expose Mu Xiaoya.

On one hand, she did like Summer Wood, and she didnt want to see Mu Xiaoya swindle others using Summer Woods name.

On the other hand, she could smell a business opportunity.

Mu Xiaoyas team wouldnt want this episode to be leaked…

“Youre making things difficult for me, Ms.

Mu.” Director Lu smiled hypocritically.

“This isnt appropriate.”

“Thats right.” Sister Lan smiled.

“We make programs, not sell.”

“Cut the bullsh*t!” Mu Xiaoya was about to yell.

“Name a price!”

“Alright then,” Director Lu smiled and gave a figure.

Mu Xiaoya and Song Yihai looked very upset.

However, they had to agree even though they knew that the other party was asking for too much.

Otherwise, Mu Xiaoya would suffer after the video was released.

Shang Tianyi smiled as he watched them sign the contract.

He was very satisfied.

Star Brilliance had lost a lot of money again, so they were probably close to bankruptcy.

The rich second-generation heir who was after Mu Xiaoya wouldnt forgive her once the video was released either.


Interesting indeed

At that moment, Ye Shengge and Xiao Qiu had arrived at the parking lot.

Xiao Qiu opened the door for her and said, “Please, Madam.”

After Ye Shengge got into the car, she said to Xiao Qiu, “Take me back to the Film City.”

Xiao Qiu was momentarily stunned.

“Sir asked me to send you home.”

“Im staying in the Film City for now,” Ye Shengge said calmly.

“You can take me back there.”

However, Xiao Qiu insisted, “Sorry, Madam.

I have to do as Sir says.”

Ye Shengge convinced him otherwise and thus said resignedly, “Alright, whatever you want.”

Although she didnt want to trouble Ji Shiting too much, it was all thanks to Ji Shiting that things had gone so smoothly.

That was why she didnt dare face him right now.

However, escaping wasnt an option.

She had to thank him in person.

Seeing that Ye Shengge didnt insist anymore, Xiao Qiu started the car, but after driving for a few meters, the road in front of her was blocked by several cars.

To be precise, they were surrounded.

Xiao Qius expression changed.

“Please have a seat, Madam.

Ill have a chat with them.”

“Dont!” Ye Shengge stopped him.

Her face was pale, and she tried to be calm.

“Its okay.

Sit tight.

Call Ji Shiting if anything happens.”

Her eyes widened as she saw a young man getting out of the car not too far away.

The man was wearing a dark blue striped suit, looking elegant and flirtatious.

He walked to Ye Shengges car with the bodyguards surrounding him.

He knocked on the window of Ye Shengges car.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath, wound down the car window, and glanced at the mans exquisite and smiling face.

She asked calmly, “May I ask whats the matter”

“You must be Ms.

Ye.” He chuckled.

“I have a question that I cant figure out.

I hope you can answer it for me.”


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