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Chapter 236: She Has to Be Summer Wood or Shes Dead

“Yes.” Xiao Qi immediately checked her bag.

A couple of days ago, Mu Xiaoya had asked her to prepare a copy of Summer Woods information which she kept in her bag.

Xiao Qi retrieved the document and glanced.

After confirming that it was the Summer Wood related information she had prepared, she walked over to Mu Xiaoya and handed it to her, “Sister Xiaoya, theres a lot of information.

If you dont have time, just remember the main points on the first two pages.”

“Mm.” Mu Xiaoya frowned as she took it over.

She got a headache just looking at the words.

She was about to ask Xiao Qi to read it to her, but Xiao Qi raised an eyebrow.

“Sister Xiaoya, I… I suddenly have a stomachache.” Her face was pale from the pain.

“Ill go to the bathroom first.”

“Go.” Mu Xiaoya sighed.

Xiao Qi ran to the bathroom.

Mu Xiaoya could only read it herself.

Other than Mu Yanhuai, only Xiao Qi knew that she wasnt Summer Woods.

She couldnt let anyone else know that she was still reading Summer Woods information.

However, Xiao Qi hadnt returned even after Mu Xiaoya had memorized lyrics for half an hour.

She got more irritated the more she memorized and she itched to rip the document to shreds!

Summer Wood, Summer Wood, and Summer Wood.

The production team was very attentive to her, and they allowed her to ask for leave every day because they thought she was Summer Wood!

And Xiao Ruilang… Mu Xiaoya felt humiliated and resentful thinking about what he had done to her.

However, she couldnt.

She had to be Summer Wood now if not, she would be finished!

With this in mind, Mu Xiaoya took a deep breath and picked up the document again, forcing herself to continue memorizing.

After nearly an hour, Mu Xiaoya finally memorized the first two pages.

The director knocked on the door and said, “Xiaoya, its time to do your makeup.”

“I know.

Itll be done soon,” Mu Xiaoya frowned, put the document into her bag, and went to the makeup room.

However, Xiao Qi showed up with a pale face after her makeup was done.

Mu Xiaoya glared at her and got ready to go on stage.

Although Mu Xiaoya kept a straight face when she was below the stage, she smiled like a flower when she was in front of the camera, and she became the gentle and sweet queen that the fans knew.

All the audience were her fans or Summer Woods fans, and the audience cheered as soon as she got on stage.

Sister Lan, the host ofFace to Face With a Star, was a famous emcee in the entertainment world.

She was witty and quickly raised the mood.

Then, Sister Lan changed the topic, “We all know that Xiaoya has another identity, Summer Wood.

Actually, Im also a fan of Summer Wood.”

Mu Xiaoya blinked and smiled, “You must be kidding.”

The audience cheered again.


I loveCold Garment the most.” Sister Lan smiled.

“Guess which verse do I like the most”

Mu Xiaoya put her hands on her knees and smiled confidently, “When the sun rises, the general will return to his hometown.

I know thats what everyone likes the most.

If thats not it, then it would Sending a piece of clothing to someone far away, dying as if separated from them.

Am I right”

She thought Sister Lan would agree with her, but who knew that Sister Lan seemed to have frozen.

Even the audience stopped cheering.

Everyone was stunned, and then they started to murmur as if they had heard wrong.


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