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Chapter 206: Untitled

It was late autumn, so the weather was dry.

Ye Shengge didnt turn on the heater at night even if it was cold because it would dry her skin and make her unable to put on makeup the next day.

Thus, this was why she could feel her skin against that mans very clearly.

His calloused fingers moved across her body, sending sparks everywhere they went, making Ye Shengges mouth go dry.

Perhaps because it was the third time, Ji Shiting was very patient.

He stared at her with his dark eyes, as if he wanted to see every inch of her face.

He was like an excellent zither player, and she was his instrument, producing sounds that made him happy every time he touched her.

Ye Shengge couldnt hold back her tears anymore.

She was about to beg for mercy, but the man stopped her.

His burning chest was pressed against hers, and her heart was beating fast.

She was breathing his scent, and she could hear his heartbeat and breathing.

She was being forced to kiss his lips and tongue, as if her entire world was being invaded and occupied by him, not giving her a chance to dodge.

When it ended, Ye Shengge felt like her soul had left her body, but she also felt helpless.

She was panting, and her eyes were blank.

Ji Shiting looked satisfied.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

He looked down and saw the silver necklace on the womans neck.

Perhaps it was because it was drenched in sweat, but the necklace looked lustful.

She was completely naked, and the pendant was on her collarbone.

Ji Shiting looked down and bit her collar bone.

The next day, Ye Shengge woke up in Ji Shitings arms.

She blinked her sleepy eyes and didnt wake up until a while later.

She turned around and was surprised to find that the man beside her was still sleeping.

Oh yeah, he was still jet-lagged …

Perhaps it was because his eyes were closed, but he didnt look so aloof and unapproachable as he was sleeping.

His deep eyebrows were pressed down by his right hand, which made him look more gentle and harmless.

However, Ye Shengge knew it was just her imagination.

In reality, that man was domineering and unreasonable.

Her heart couldnt help clenching at the thought of last night.

She couldnt remember how many times he had wanted her, and she was almost unconscious.

She felt wronged.

That man was way too possessive and controlling.

He would only be at ease if she fell in love with him.

What about himself

Ye Shengge bit her lips, endured the pain in her body, and carefully left his embrace.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting didnt wake up.

She took a deep breath and dragged her sore body to the bathroom for a hot shower.

The hot water relieved her discomfort.

After putting on her clothes, she stood in front of the mirror and gazed at the birthmark on her right cheek which was obviously smaller.

She finally felt a little comforted.

She still had scenes to film in the afternoon.

Ye Shengge turned around and left the bathroom, but she bumped into the mans hard chest.

Ji Shiting pulled her into his embrace and said, “Werent you satisfied last night Why are you in such a hurry to hug me”


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