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Chapter 205: Are You Afraid Youll Fall In Love With Me

“Shiting…” She was a little scared.

“Why… Why did you suddenly…”

If he had only done that in the bathtub because he was furious, but now… hadnt he been unwilling to to touch her and let her get what she wanted all the while

The man breathed heavily.

He bit her earlobe and said, “If I dont touch you, wouldnt you have an excuse to cheat”

“I… I wont…” She said, biting her lips.

“Oh, you dont want it” The mans eyes dimmed and he moved.

Ye Shengges body trembled.

“No… No…”

She suddenly recalled that this was the first time Ji Shiting had been so proactive in a calm state.

He hadnt been seduced by her, nor had he done it to punish her.

He had just wanted her.

As a result, there was a strange warmth in this relation.

She couldnt remember the benefits of doing so.

All she knew was that the man was Ji Shiting, and they were doing the most intimate thing in the world.

She had thought of it as a mission to get rid of the birthmark, but now, she couldnt lie to herself anymore.

That fact made her shiver.

The intimacy he gave her was beyond anything she had ever felt before.

It was as if she had been forced to let her guard down and let him enter her world.

She had never felt so out of control before.

Ji Shiting might have noticed her fear, so he smiled and said, “Its too late for regrets.”

He then kissed the corner of her lips.

Ye Shengges mind went blank from his crazy rhythm.

By the time she returned to reality, she was already on the bed in the bedroom.

The man leaned against her body and pressed her hands on both sides, grabbing her fingers one by one.

This way of holding each other was especially intimate, and she finally regained her senses.

She struggled to pull her hands back but she failed entirely.

She gazed at the mans dark eyes and said, “I… Im tired.”

Ji Shiting curled his lips and said, “Im finally in the mood today.

Shouldnt you strike while the iron is hot”

Ye Shengge forced a smile and said, “Theres still a long way to go, haha…”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard, lowered his head, kissed her lips and said, “Youre scared.”

“Im not,” Ye Shengge retorted.

The man looked solemn and said, “Let me guess what youre afraid of.”

“Im not…”

“Are you afraid youll fall in love with me”


Ye Shengge was rendered speechless, but she blushed.

“Arent you determined to spend the rest of your life with me and give birth to my child” Ji Shiting chuckled.

“Yet you dont dare to give your heart to me”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “I think … Were already married, and trust and respect each other are more important.

Why are you talking about love”

Before she could finish, the man pinched her hands.

“Since thats the case, lets continue.” He smiled coldly and kissed her lips.


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