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Chapter 193: Not Any Man Can

Ye Shengges eyes widened.

She knew what Qin Youhui said made sense, but she still felt repulsed.

However … She looked at the two assistants and suppressed her fear and repulsion.

If she was so resistant to rehearsals, what would she do when it was time for the official shooting

Therefore, she needed to do it.

She nodded and lay on the sofa.

Qin Youhui took off his jacket, revealing his undergarments.

He grabbed her wrist and bent down.

The mans face came closer and Ye Shengges breathing became rapid.

She couldnt hide the panic on her face.

Qin Youhui froze.

He said, “Why dont you close your eyes and open them when I say so”

That would be good too.

Ye Shengge immediately closed her eyes.

However, when she closed her eyes, the mans scent became clearer and stronger, making every cell in her body resist.

And the warmth of his palm and his breathing made Ye Shengge tense up.

“Forget it.” Qin Youhui smiled bitterly and let her go.

“You make me feel like a criminal.”

Ye Shengge immediately sat up and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sorry …” She was a bit flustered.

“I need to go to the bathroom.

I want to prepare myself.”

“Its okay.

I know its difficult.” Qin Youhui nodded.

“Go on, I will take a look at what weve filmed.”

In the bathroom, Ye Shengge splashed some water on her face, took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror.

Because she hadnt removed her makeup, the birthmark was covered by a thick foundation, and she couldnt see any traces unless she looked carefully.

Ye Shengge put her hands on the mirror, looking dazed.

She recalled the morning after her first time with Ji Shiting, and how excited she had been when she saw the birthmark that had shrunk.

At that time, she had made up her mind to sleep with Ji Shiting, but she hadnt found it hard to accept.

That was the truth.

She might feel shy and shy when she was with that man, might feel smug because her scheme had succeeded, or she might feel guilty for using him, but she had never been afraid.

Even if she was afraid, she was only afraid that she would fall in love with him, but she had never resisted being intimate with him.

Actually, she had been getting used to it ever since she moved into Qianfan Villa … She even liked to have intimate contact with him, whether it was hugging or kissing.

She had never thought about the reason, and she had thought she was more open-minded, but it turned out that wasnt the case.

If it were Qin Youhui instead, she would subconsciously resist even if it was just filming.

It would have been fine if she had disliked Qin Youhui, but the truth was the opposite.

As a senior, Qin Youhui not only looked outstanding and was a gentleman, but he also had excellent acting skills and an outstanding emotional intelligence.

Ye Shengge had always admired him.

However, she still couldnt accept being intimate with him, even if it was only for a few seconds.

It turned out that she couldnt just accept any other man.

Ye Shengges heart sank at that thought.


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