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Chapter 189: Is He Your Sugar Daddy

Ye Shengge arrived on set early the next day.

As the lead actress, she had the most scenes today.

During the break, Ying Xiaoyu came over in her costume and said, “Sister Shengge, I signed the contract with Shisheng Studio yesterday, and Im now your subordinate.”

Ye Shengge was startled, “That fast”

“Thats right …” Ying Xiaoyu was dazed by her reaction.

“Dont you know The studios address is beside T.S.

Corporations building.

Brother Tianyi took me there yesterday afternoon.

Peng Jiayi, Wen Kexin, and I signed the same contract for five years.”

Ye Shengge blinked and recalled that Shang Tianyi had mentioned it to her yesterday, but she had been too busy memorizing the lines to hear it.

Shang Tianyi had then said, “Ill make the decision then.” She had even nodded…

She had given him Zhou Yandongs phone number previously, but she hadnt expected them to be so efficient.

However, she still had to thank Ji Shiting… He had invested early, which was why the studio had been established so smoothly.

“Sister Shengge” Ying Xiaoyu was a bit nervous seeing her spacing out.

“Is there a problem”

“No, no.” Ye Shengge regained her senses and smiled.

“Im just pleased that you signed.

Keep working hard!”

“Thats good.” Ying Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Isnt it a rest day in a few days Brother Tianyi said hell gather everyone for a meeting.

You should know about it, right”

… Ye Shengge didnt know about it.

But as the boss, she couldnt be unreliable anymore.

Thus, Ye Shengge smiled calmly and said, “Of course.”

After Ying Xiaoyu left, she called Shang Tianyi and asked about the studio.

“Its Vice-President Zhous idea.

He said its hard enough for you to act, so theres no need to bother you with the details.

Ive arranged a schedule and sent an email to you.

Take a look when you have time.” Shang Tianyi sounded gossipy.

“Is he your backer I think Vice-President Zhou is a good person.

Although hes a bit old, hes very refined and has a good temper.

Its your fortune to be able to be with such a backer.”

“Um… No.” Ye Shengge took a deep breath.

“Ill check the schedule.

Lets talk later.”

Ye Shengge instinctively wanted to clutch her hair after hanging up the phone, but she couldnt do so as she was wearing a hair accessory.

Vice President Zhou… It was Ji Shitings idea.

However, she didnt understand what that man meant at all!

Could it be that he was doing all these for her just because she was his wife Even if it was just an order from him, it was too much…

She couldnt stop thinking about it.

Ye Shengge was really itching to jump around.

Fortunately, Lin Qi came over with a fruit platter.

“Sister Shengge, have some fruits.

Itll be your scene soon.”

Thats right.

Filming was still better.

Once she immersed herself in the role and experienced another life, she wouldnt have any more thoughts.

Most of the scenes today were between her and Qin Youhui.

Qin Youhuis acting skills were superb, so their cooperation went very smoothly.

They finished the shooting plan at five in the afternoon.

Xu Xiangjie was very happy.

He waved his hand and announced, “Lets go for a karaoke session tonight.

My treat.”

All the staff immediately broke into cheers.


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