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Chapter 179: You Can Break Up With Him When Youre Famous

Mu Xiaoyas face finally brightened up.

Although this pursuer was here for Summer Wood and it did hurt her pride slightly, she couldnt help being swayed by Xiao Ruilangs background.

She didnt know which sugar daddy Ye Shengge had hooked up with.

But they were always trying to suppress her.

If she could be on good terms with the Xiao family, she wouldnt have to be afraid, no matter who that sugar daddy was!

Although it might be a bit unfair to Yanhuai, he could understand that it was for the company.

She would at most have dinner with Xiao Ruilang and lean on his influence.

She definitely wouldnt sleep with him.

Yanhuai wouldnt mind that at all.

She had to use this chance to beat Ye Shengge until she couldnt make a comeback.

Mu Xiaoyas eyes glimmered at that thought.

She clenched her fist and said, “Give me the necklace.”

“Okay!” Little Qi said excitedly.

At the same time, Ye Shengge had returned to her room, and Lin Qi explained everything that had happened outside.

She then added, “Sister Shengge, why didnt your backer send you flowers”

“Why would he send flowers The crew doesnt lack flowers.” Ye Shengge was lying on the sofa, scrolling through Weibo.

Lin Qi sighed and said, “What a shame.

You dont even know how smug Mu Xiaoyas assistant was when she left.”

“You want a bouquet” Ye Shengge looked at her with a smile.

“Ill order you a bouquet tomorrow to show off.”

“Thats not what I mean!” Lin Qi blushed, hesitated a bit, and said, “Sister Shengge, is it because… your sugar daddy has a family, so he cant announce it… Hes never shown anything.”

Generally speaking, connections that were kept secret in this industry were never exposed.

That was why Lin Qi had that assumption.

Ye Shengge was a bit speechless.

She nodded and said, “Thats right.”

Ji Shiting was someone with a family.

Lin Qi looked sympathetic as she said, “Dont worry, Sister Shengge.

You can break up with him after you become famous.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Um…”

Her relationship with Ji Shiting… Well, she seemed to have lost the right to leave.

“Sister Shengge, Ill go get you dinner,” said Lin Qi as she left the suite.

Ye Shengge logged into Summer Woods Weibo account.

She fell into deep thought as she looked at the latest post and the tens of thousands of comments beneath it.

How could she expose that Mu Xiaoya wasnt Summer Wood

Mu Yanhuai was a meticulous person, and he knew that she wouldnt let it go easily.

Perhaps he had already set a trap for her a long time ago.

Clarification on Weibo was a solution, but it was limited.

At this moment, all the controversy was trying to hype Mu Xiaoya up.

Perhaps Mu Yanhuai wanted her to do exactly this.

Unless she could strike the nail on the head decisively, she shouldnt act rashly.

Most importantly, Mu Xiaoya had never said that she was Summer Wood.

She had only created a couple of coincidences to make people think she was Summer Wood, so Mu Xiaoya would have an excuse to clear her name if things went south.

Ye Shengge deleted the latest postIm back, and then she called Shang Tianyi.

“Can you get Mu Xiaoyas schedule”


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