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Chapter 166: Bullied

“Thats right.

I had a low self-esteem, so I only dared to hide behind the scenes.” Ye Shengge took a deep breath.

“But do you really think Ill care about it today Even if I destroy Summer Woods identity, I wont allow Mu Xiaoya to exploit it!”

She then hung up the phone, but her entire face was pale.

Mu Yanhuais words reminded her of those lonely days.

She could only be a partner in movies and dramas, and she could find comfort in songs.

Her dream to be an actress had been destroyed, so she started to learn how to sing and write independently.

At least, people used their ears and not their eyes to listen to songs.

However, after Summer Woodss ID became popular, the netizens still looked forward to her showing her face.

That was why she had flinched.

After that, she had met Mu Yanhuai, and she had completely thrown Summer Wood aside.

When Star Brilliance had been founded, she had been so passionate that she had given Mu Yanhuai a piece she hadnt made yet with the intention of using Summer Woods popularity to raise Mu Xiaoyas reputation.

However, Mu Yanhuai had given up on this idea because he was worried that Mu Xiaoya would become a singer.

However, her passion back then proved foolish today.

She couldnt verify thatLove was her work, much less say that she was Summer Wood.

However, that didnt mean she couldnt prove it.

She immediately opened Weibo and tried to log in to Summer Woods account, but she failed.

Ye Shengge almost threw her phone away.

Lin Qi came to look for her, “Sister Shengge, are you okay You are in the next scene.”

“Okay.” Ye Shengge pouted.

“No wonder Director Xu didnt want to change the lead actress.

All the people on the Internet think that Mu Xiaoya is Summer Wood, and this makes the series a popular topic.

Besides, Mu Xiaoya made a theme song.

Director Xu must be thrilled,” Lin Qi said indignantly.

“Seeing how Mu Xiaoya is so ambitious… I really hope Summer Wood can come out and say something.”

Ye Shengge wanted to cry.

She too wanted to do so but she couldnt log into the account!

She immediately went back to Qianfan Villa after that day of filming.

Ye Shengge didnt even bother to have dinner.

She rushed to her room and took out her laptop, trying to get Summer Woods account back, but the account seemed to be under the control of a hacker.

Just as she was trying to compete with the other party, she saw Summer Woods account, that had twenty million followers, repost the theme songLove.

She didnt say it out loud, but just that post was more than enough.

Fans went crazy.

Ye Shengge was left speechless.

It seemed that Mu Yanhuai had been prepared.

Was that the way he was going to make her regret

It was too late even if she got her account back.

The first post was king.

Even if she posted on Weibo that Summer Wood wasnt Mu Xiaoya, she would probably be treated as a thief.

Furthermore, she had been afraid to talk to people back then, so the only one who knew that she was Summer Wood was Mu Yanhuai.

Ye Shengge closed her laptop and tried to suppress her rage.

She heard someone knock on the door, and she turned around.

Ji Shiting stood at the door and asked, “What happened”


Just a small issue.

Nothing much I cant handle.” Ye Shengge tried to smile.

She didnt want to trouble that man.

However,Ive been bullied was clearly written all over her face.


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